Top Ten Coolest Major League Baseball Stadiums of All Time

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Fenway Park - Red Sox

The oldest active park in MLB history, Boston's 1912 Fenway Park is amazing and is a large part of modern era Boston history. The 37-foot left-field wall is a masterpiece, and it takes so much care and precision to keep Fenway as it is. The Green Monster contains the only hand-operated scoreboard left in the league, and the wooden seats are a part of tradition in Boston. If anything was changed, that would suck so much. Green Monster: Best seats in professional sports? Hell yeah.

Awesome the field is awesome I have been their 3 times it was awesome. I am a Red Sox fan and Every time I have been their they lost but the ballpark won. The ballpark was big With a 420 and small with a 310. The fans are always pumped up before during and after the game.

It's been open for over a hundred years and it is still the coolest stadium. (And I'm a flipping Yankee fan for crying out loud) The Wall The red seat where the longest home run was (hit by Ted Williams)

It's been around for so long that it needs more seats

Wrigley Field - Cubs

Way way better than Yankee Stadium. The ivy-covered wall says so much. It's just so great, a tribute to the olden days of our National Pastime. Better than Fenway? I can't say that, but Wrigley is a great ballpark.

I'm finally going to a game at Wrigley this summer, and it will be a highlight of my life. For most of my life, the history and the sentimentality of the team for has made the Cubs my second favorite team after my home team. Everyone loves the Cubs. And Wrigley Field is emblematic of the Cubs and baseball and America. - 5ToolPlayers

Wrigley field is amazing way better than Yankee stadium

Wrigley field is awesome

Wear a jacket back to 1945 prices 2015 go at least once

Yankee Stadium - Yankees

Yankee Stadium is stupid. The old and the new. It's just so- bad. There's absolutely everything wrong with it, and even a non-Red Sox fan can say this. It's an empire built on money the Yanks reeled in from their past, and the new park is a sin to Yankee tradition. Plus, who in their right mind names a New York team the "Yankees," which means "New England native."

Yankee Stadium is absolutely beautiful best turf job on the grass no better place and don't tell me the piece of crap Fenway is ahead of it

The new stadium is a beautiful pristine white

The old one not the new.

The Astrodome - Astros

The AstroDome was the first domed stadium and named for one of the Wonders of the World

Never heard of the astrodome

Love it

Too cool

Shea Stadium - Mets

The Beatles performed here!

Enough said

Kauffman Stadium - Royals

One of the best designed stadiums

Stupid stadium with stupid fans

Oriole Park at Camden Yards - Orioles

I've been here and trust me, you should go here too. It's just a unique stadium. The fans are nice to me when I went to Baltimore and everybody was just having fun.

Too dark looking

This is a reall cool staduim it's a local stadium for me and it is built into an old warehouse its really cool

PNC Park - Pirates

This should be so much higher. The view is absolutely stunning. It looks like a movie set because it's so beautiful it looks fake.

Pittsburgh is one of the best cities in America and the best host of some of the franchises of all time.

Pnc park is the one of the best stadiums ever

Best view of the city in the background. No doubt the best

AT&T Park - Giants

They have the pacific ocean in their backyard

The right field wall is a thing of beauty in the design industry, and the location was picked perfectly, with McCay Cover in the back. The brick style is a tribute to tradition, and I can definitely appreciate that. (Coming from a Sox fan)

The huge coke bottle and huge glove

This is the coolest baseball stadium ever because of mccay cove

Dodger Stadium - Dodgers

Best in the majors!

Great atmosphere. Calm cool and collective. Very kick back but we can get very loud and routy Just a great place to watch baseball. Go Dodgers!

Next time I visit LA I will take my mom to Chinatown and then I'm going to make the 1/2 hr walk to here.

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Busch Stadium - Cardinals

Great casual atmosphere baseball happy fans good crowded in fun way

Old style feel smart fans downtown location always full call ahead

Old style great fans

Hate busch stadium b/c I'm a rangers fan. yall know why I hate busch stadium, right?

Minute Maid Park - Astros

You've for the train tracks, the train, the Crawford Boxes, Tal's Hill, the Citgo pump... This is NOT some cookie cutter ballpark. Oh, and I forgot, the retractable roof.

Maybe the best stadium I've been in. amazing, and amazing fans, GO MINUTE MADE PARK!

Miller Park - Brewers

Embues you with baseball vibe as soon as you pass through the turnstile.

No rain delays, excellent baseball atmosphere

Been there at least 7 time. Really AWESOME!

Just a solid ballpark to cisit. You get that baseball feeling as soon as you walk in the gates. Great atmosphere an fans!

Comerica Park - Tigers

Comerica park is not only beautiful but there is so much to do and so many great places to eat at. WONDERFUL PEOPLE

Progressive Field - Indians

This is dumb this should be way higher I have went the it is amazingly beautiful

The hot dog race here is cute. Progressive field also has famous stadium mustard which was invented there.
They have great food including sausage dogs (like hot dogs but with sausages) and there is gluten free hot dogs there too!

Progressive supports abortion, that's why I hate it, I don't support abortion

Target Field - Twins
Coors Field - Rockies

Not many fans have been to Coors I take it if they had, it would place higher on this list. Class ballpark.

Lets get drunk at coors field

Nothing against the park as it is, but I always think about how awesome it would be if the outfield wall (the top of the wall I mean) was shaped with high points and low points and the peaks of a profile of the Rocky Mountains. Imagine a long fly ball that would have been a home run a foot to the left, but fell back into play because it hit the top of Pikes Peak.

People love the Green Monster. People would love the Snow-capped Peaks.

Petco Park - Padres

Sweet family-friendly park. Nice view of the city, plenty of palm trees, stadium built around historic brick building.

Back east people relaxed not highly competitive like back home but fun

Rogers Centre - Blue Jays

I saw those fans throw bottles and trash onto the field there when the opposing team bested them.

3rd oldest stadium with a sweat view!

Safeco Field - Mariners

You know it ticks me off when this wasn't up on the list. This stadium has it all, friendly area, the mascot and colors look beautiful. And your saying this isn't good? Well I got something for you, the mariners are not that popular, but it docent mean they don't have a good stadium. Come on people, this got voted in the top five best stadiums ever.

Mobil-Tel Field awesome. King's court. Great elephant ears. great vistas.natural grass. retractable roof too.

Citizens Bank Park - Phillies

Great food, great turf, not a lot of people there though. only bad thing is that everything is SOOO expensive!

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington - Rangers

Best baseball park ever, its just beautiful

Hot but night games really not bad football country but great baseball fans great stadium added bonus frisco double a en mils away great stadium too inexpensive treat kids love it also

Prettiest stadium in MLB.

Best team best place

Polo Grounds

All-time? With its unique horseshoe configuration, the Polo Grounds should definitely be in consideration.

Definitely iconic!

Harken back to the days of yesteryear. whats not to like, 485 to center, 279 to left, 280 something to right, wow. And Willie Mays 1954 catch with his back to the plate, off Vic Wertz of Indians in WSgreatest catch ever. Wow.

Chase Field - Arizona Diamondbacks

Best stadium love the fans and the food.

Great American Ballpark - Reds

This is a great ballpark. It is so cool when the reds pitcher throws a strike out because fire blows from this huge torch.

Good reason to vacation Ohio great ballpark great roller coaster down the road mason and sandusky locations

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