Top Ten Coolest Mathematical Equations

Nerds and geeks alike, cast your votes on your favourite equations used in mathematics, science, economics; whatever you please.
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1 Schrödinger Equation [(-ħ/2m)Δ^2Ψ+VΨ=iħ(δΨ/δt)]

My god I could sense everything into this very unique complex structured equation like oh my god I could sense that this equation as the infinitness of reality and the pure center structure of atoms like holy jedi god this is the most important and most extraordinary equation that has ever existed!

Oh my God! What the hell is all this?! Symbols and what not. This is 'cool?! ' I just don't get it. Explain, I demand!

Love this equation. So much. Everything about it is brilliant!

Perfect I'm gonna learn that next year

2 Einstein's Mass-energy Equivalence Formula [E=mc^2]

I have seen this so many times in my life, yet I still have no idea how to solve this

Not only is it cool, but most people have heard of it! It's well known!

I like this, Einstein!

3 Maxwell's Equations [Δ.D=ρ, Δ.B=0, ΔxE=-δB/δt, ΔxH=J+δD/δt]

I have no idea what this is but it looks nice

4 General Relativity Formula [Gμν=8πG(Tμν+ρΛgμν)]

There is more to General than Special!

5 Wave Equation [δ^2u/δt^2=c^2(δ^2u/δx^2)]
6 Law of Gravitation [F=G(m1m2/d^2)]

I hate this one always trap me

7 Euler's Formula [e^iπ=-1]

Most beautiful equation in maths
Has one one, one plus, one multiplication sign, one exponential sign!

@Petsounds I get the sense that it was written in the own hands or palms of Richard Feynman when he was a teen.He wrote it in his notebook and he referred as the most important equation in the world- Kevinsidis

I have a low-key obsession with this identity, although I prefer to see it written as "e^Iπ + 1 = 0."

Once upon a time, there were two pesky numbers, 'π' and 'i' that were incessantly arguing. 'Get real! ' yelled π. 'Be rational! ' yelled back i. All along their incessant argument, a number called 'e' was listening. 'e' had had enough. He went to π and I and told them 'Stop fighting. Let's join together, and by joining together, you both can stay above me, and we'll become -one'. Their argument was resolved.

8 Fourier Transform [f(ζ)=ʃf(x)e^(-2πixζ)δx]
9 Bernoulli Equation [P1+½ρ(v1)^2+ρgh1=P2+½ρ(v2)^2+ρgh2]

One of the coolest one in fluid mechanics because of the symmetry in its look and use. It's one of the easiest to remember!

Underrated beyond belief is this formula

How do you type rho

10 Planck's Law [E=hf]

I've learnt it recently so useful

The Contenders
11 Newton's Second Law [F=ma]

The heart of dynamics

12 Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle [ΔxΔp≥ћ/2]

The principle is being used the same as the Casimir effect.

13 Riemann Zeta Function [ζ(s)=Π((p^s)/((p^s)-1))]
14 L = (1/2)dv^2sCL
15 Principle of Least Action [δS≥0]
16 Central Limit Theorem [lim_n->∞ P( √n(Sn - µ) ≤ z ) = Φ(z/σ)]

I think this is one of the most important equations in mathematics.

17 Schwartzchild Radius Formula [rs=2GM/c^2]

Adore this one as well. Awesome stuff!

18 Escape Velocity Formula [ve=sqrt(2GM/r)]
19 Q = KAT(t2-t1)/L
20 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus d/dx a-xʃf(t)dt = f(x)
21 Pythagorean Theorem
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