Coolest McFly Songs

A vote on which songs from McFly that you either think are really cool or a McFly song that you really like!

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1 Love Is On the Radio

First heard this song at their concert; fell in love with it instantly!

I love this song. every time I hear the song I smile. Mcfly are my life

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2 Love Is Easy

This is one of my favorite songs followed by 'Do Ya'.

A great song with an even greater music video!

3 Little Joanna
4 Obviously

It is a gret McFly classic! THE best song on the Room On The 3rd Floor Album!

5 I've Got You
6 Room On the 3rd Floor

A great song and comes at number four only because number 1 was taken! Danny sings the best part again!

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7 I Need a Woman
8 Corrupted

Really cool and an amazing song! Everyone should listen to it! Plus Danny is my favourite member and he sings quite a lot in this song!

9 Down Goes Another One

Its really deep meaning and awesome words mean that this song comes at a close second! It is really catchy and it has the best lyrics EVER!

10 Transylvania

I love Dougie's voice in this, it's amazing even if his voice has gotten deeper now. - Troye_Oakley

The Contenders

11 Do Watcha

Acest song ever! I like this one just as much as I like Cherry Cola!

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12 Only the Strong Survive
13 Just My Luck
14 Cherry Cola

This new song is great! Easy to learn lyrics, fantastic tune and a great beat! What more could you ask for!

15 Do Ya

Its an amazing song

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16 No Worries
17 POV

It is a mad an loud song!

18 5 Colours In Her Hair

A good song but a not so good music video!

19 Easy Way Out
20 One for the Radio

Love it and it always gets stuck in my head, is right now!

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