Top Ten Coolest MLB Ballparks

Which ballpark in the MLB is the neatest, coolest, or most unique?

The Top Ten

1 AT&T Park - San Francisco Giants

Fabulous views, food, sold out stadium with great fans, weather, location

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2 Fenway Park - Boston Red Sox

God this structure is beautiful! Its one of the oldest and one of the most historic. They better not pull a Boston Garden on this one! - fireinside96

Because it is one of the oldest ballparks also the green monster the tallest wall in the mlb it is a really nice ballpark

Best park ever. It's literally living the tradition.

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3 PNC Park - Pittsburgh Pirates

The nicest stadium with a great view of pittsburgh.

4 The Old Yankee Stadium - New York Yankees
5 Busch Stadium - St. Louis Cardinals

There is nothing like watching a Sunday game at Busch. The view of the Arch, the warm sun, the sea of red, and the best fans in the game! Beautiful stadium!

6 Wrigley Field - Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field should Be #1 Because its the best place to watch a ball game they have different people singing the 7th inning strech the fans are the nicest fans in the country I've been to every ball park except where the ramgers play and Wrigley field is by ar the best place to watch a ball game

It's really nice. I am not a big Chicago cubs fun (although I like this team) but their stadium is the best.

This ball park is a classic I love the ivy on the fence. It's the home of the baseball gods - Sabbath

Good food fun place what is not to love?

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7 PETCO Park - San Diego Padres

Beautiful location and great lines of sight.

The Best and most Western Metal.

8 Rangers Ballpark in Arlington - Texas Rangers

Best view ever, even at nose bleed height. Its pretty awesome take a visit. And watch the rangers dominate every team. They have really good food. I love it!

The rangers are so first I don't get why they aren't first except I love that they are one spot ahead of the mariners but they should be first

Awesome ballpark, great fans, great team!

9 Safeco Field - Seattle Mariners

This place is great! It's got great atmosphere, and it's especially fun catching GRAND SLAM BALLS! I have one! That is part of what makes Safeco Field the BEST! GO MARINERS!

10 U.S. Cellular Field - Chicago White Sox

The Contenders

11 Camden Yards - Baltimore Orioles V 3 Comments
12 Citi Field - New York Mets
13 Kauffman Stadium - Kansas City
14 Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles Dodgers
15 Target Field - Minnesota Twins
16 Comerica Park - Detroit Tigers
17 Marlins Park - Miami Marlins

The Obvious Choice For Best Ballpark.

18 Astrodome - Houston Astros

Might be a cool ballpark but the Astros suck so this shouldn't be on the list no matter how cool it is

19 Coors Field - Colorado Rockies
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1. AT&T Park - San Francisco Giants
2. PNC Park - Pittsburgh Pirates
3. Busch Stadium - St. Louis Cardinals



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