Coolest Monsters of the Godzilla Universe


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1 Gigan Gigan

super man

Red laser eye, one of the only monsters who knows martial arts, hook hands, razor buzz saw chest, teleportation, sick structure, flight, laser beams, can shoot snares and knives out of his chest and claws. AWESOME! He's one of godzilla's arch enemies of all time because he's sneaky and the best fighter. He may not be the biggest challenge but he is AWESOME. Not to mention when he gets chainsaw hands in final wars

Gigan is a green robotic chicken alien thing with hooks for hands and a buzzsaw on it's chest. What is cooler than that? Maybe King Ghidorah, I can't decide. (But I like Gigan right now) - TheFrodo

Out of all the Kaijus,he is the most cool looking.

2 Orga Orga

HOW!? Of all the monsters in this entire series, you guys choose this monster that literally came out of nowhere and died in just a few minutes, COME ON! There are so many better Godzilla monsters than Orga. And also, he kind of reminds me of if Godzilla was a turtle.

I wish he had more screen time, he has a cool design and that mouth thing, plus the Godzilla plates he grew, he was cool. - TheCriticalCritic

3 King Ghidora


Ghidorah for the win...

4 Destroyah

Yes the THICC Destroyah is cool

Destroyah da best beats all non Godzilla monsters especially that piece of crap kong!

DESTROYAH for the win

5 Godzilla 2000


His design is awesome but his atomic breath takes a long time to fire but he is awesome still

6 Biollante Biollante

God damnit! Just take a moment and actually look at it!

A monstrous plant, need I say more?

7 Space Godzilla
8 Jet Jaguar
9 Mothra Mothra

Have you seen her 2019 form, larva, she has a wing span of 600 ft


Mothra is like an angel to my eyes because of her colors, fur and eyes! The 1992 Heisei one is beyond beautiful!


10 M.U.T.O. M.U.T.O.

Add this guy to godzilla's ps4 game or else

Watch the 2014 Godzilla and you'll see multi-limbed monsters.

I loved these things my favorite was the flying one

The Contenders

11 Monster X Monster X

Monster X is so badass his fighting style is awesome He is creepy and cool-looking at the same time. He is fast and his beams are so cool! He is so epic and has a great durability and strength. He is the only monster in Final Wars who survived Godzilla's atomic breath.

12 King Kong

Ping pong ding dong sing a song

My favorite monster of all time because he beat Godzilla and Mechagodzilla was a copy of mechani-Kong

13 Mechagodzilla Mechagodzilla
14 Battra Battra
15 Godzilla 1998
16 MechaGodzilla II
17 Godzilla 2014

-The moment I see Godzilla 2014-
You wonderful bastard

18 Rodan Rodan
19 Varan Varan


The coolest monster ever! just kidding. THE WORST GIANT MOVIE MONSTER IN MANKINDS HISTORY!

20 Mecha-King Ghidorah
21 Gorosaurus
22 Giant Condor

By far the coolest Godzilla monster he just scratches Godzillas eyes and only appeared in ONE MOVIE! That's a Ph.D. For cool! He could beat gigan,hedorah or ghidorwh in a INSTANT

23 Godzilla: Final Wars

He is so cool he kills or defeats like ten or eleven monsters in a row

24 Anguirus Anguirus
25 Burning Godzilla
26 Kiryu Kiryu
27 Manda Manda

Better then varan.

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