Top Ten Coolest Names for Wrestling Finishing Moves


The Top Ten

1 Diamond Cutter
3 Tombstone
4 Stunner
5 Starship Pain
6 Go To Sleep
7 Bullhamer
8 619
9 Sharpshooter
10 Skull Crushing Finale

The Contenders

11 Codebreaker
12 WMD
13 Spear
14 Rock Bottom

It's an expression and has his name in it plus has something to do with the move definitely best finisher name

15 Final Fantasy
16 Package Piledriver
17 Attitude Adjustment
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1. RKO
2. Go To Sleep
3. Codebreaker
1. Diamond Cutter
2. RKO
3. Tombstone
1. Diamond Cutter
2. Go To Sleep
3. Starship Pain

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