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1 Neo

When I hear this name I picture an epic cyborg with platinum blonde hair. I don't know.

I really like this name. Scrolling through this list I know I will not find my name. I have only met one person with the same name as me.

This name is unusual and sounds futuristic (a bit)

Its deffernt but in a good way

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2 Bruno

This name is masculine & bold. This has a johnny blaze ring to it.

It is a common name for dogs - yatharthb

I think it's a class name from bruno the actor

This name is bold

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3 Emily

There was no Anna, so this was my 2nd choice. PLEASE VOTE!

Well it's close to my name melody but I'll pick Emily since it's close to me

So cool, I named my daughter Emily.


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4 Jenn

Two of my teacher's names are Jenn, even though they are spelled different. They were super cool!

That's my name. Thanks everyone!

I think this name is cool because it's not often - I like it

How?! - PokemonGOSucks

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5 Holden

Number 62, Hudson

My name is Holden Hudson

What the

Holden Caulfield will live on through reincarnation when my child is born.

Holden sounds like a name a cute amazing guy would have!

Terrible name. Sorry - OmgBoi

I love the name Holden. It is litteraly the coolest name you can ever hear!

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6 Miles

I picture a cute guy with brown hair when I see this name

My dogs name is miles

Miles is the name of my amazing boyfriend

MILES! has good manners, and that's what matters! - Mileschronicales outro

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7 Lady

This is my friend name

This is a girly, bubbly, stupid name.

I say its an awesome name

really?!? - pApAsHiNy

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8 Trinity

I have a BFF named Trinity and I am talking about Trinity Marsh she was one of the nicest people I knew

It sounds really cool, and also deep

Reminds me of the matrix and The Holy Trinity. Love it!


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9 Jacen

It's like from Star Wars!

My dog is called Jacen

Defiantly should be #1

Good name for a boy

10 Jaina

Cool name

my name

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11 Kesha

This was the name of the nurse that game me anesthesia when I got mouth surgery. It's also the name of a really bad pop singer who over-uses autotune.

Kesha is my fave singer

Worst name ever. very Ghetto!

It reminds me of a singer I don’t like.

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12 Clem

It the name of the walking dead game Character




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13 Pink

It's different, and it's not ghetto

Ghetto trash name. Good name for stripper!


14 Tristan

My 3 year olds brothers name is Tristan I love this name so much

That's my name

My friends name is Tristan!

My name is Tristan storm and my name sounds like a superheros name

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15 Tahiri

I've never heard it- Might be good for a book.


16 Sean

One of my son's is named this, we are an Irish family and all my children have Irish names. Love this name. It's timeless.

My best friend is named Sean and he is amazing! I want to name my child Sean.

It's a cool name and I have a dog named Sean

Irish name - PokemonGOSucks

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17 Casdia

Its funny rate:69/100 lololololololololol

18 Star

It's a name that Rachel Berry would like so much to have!

Because its a great name for a teen girl Star Girl

Yes I love my name

Awesome lol

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19 Thurston
20 Traxis

My name

21 Trek

Trek and Field.

Reminds me of captain Kirk... :(

22 Axel

Damn this is one badass name.

Yeah the coolest name

Axel is so cool!

Axl is better

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23 Ernesto

I have a friend whos name is Ernesto - briannakautz

My name yay


24 Testify

What name is this?


this sucks

I think it's beautiful and very creative.

25 Bobby

Bobby is boss... Enough said

Cool! That's my middle name! Each one of my names has been high on the good name lists

I love this name, I don't like Bob, but Bobby is awesome!

Such a glorious name

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26 Madeline

It is a great name, and can have many nicknames. Maddy, Madison, and so on.

It's a really great name, its kind yet bold

cute name

27 Dylan

I love that name! There is a movie about Dylan, Joe, Allie, and Max called the Famous Five

28 Stephanie

Dis nam is stoopid

29 Raven

I love this name. It's beautiful. What is it with this list? Most of these names are terrible.


Reminds me of That's so Raven
My childhood :P

Raven is the best name ever. To bad my name isn't here. :(

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30 Fauna

Cute as heck

31 Karl

Its named after a commie.

Who the hell spells carl with a k

32 Nathan

Its cool because it's my name

My name is Nathan and I love it

I approve this message.

My dad's name

33 Synyster

Synyster Gates is amazing, honestly one of the all time best (in my eyes) stage names ever! I named my pitbull after him.

Synyster, just sounds so... MAGIC, if I had a pet unicorn ill call if Synyster

Superb nice name and the backupstage name for synyster gates

i like it

34 Pikachu

I think this list is for human names. Not Pokemon. - RiverClanRocks

What type of person would name their kid pikachu

It is so cool man or a girl

its dope

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35 Levi

Attack on titian/shingeki no kyojin, laugh out loud that's what's up!

I had a friend named levi.. He wasn't cool at all..

Levi Miller, he was in PAN, so cute, as far as twelve years old go

Coolest name ever.

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36 Taylor

I love this name but why was there not melody -_- I love Taylor swift so I'm picking this name

That is my name lol

37 Alex

Cool, smooth, powerful name. Bobby hahahahahah... with my experience all bobbys are freaks! except for one, and the girl bobbys (ya know the bobby sue who took the money and ran. XD) - fireinside96

Thats the SmoothCriminal's profile's real name Alex T. Albert yeah - SmoothCriminal

Short for Alexander obviously. One of my favorite names! - RiverClanRocks


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38 Linda
39 Daniel

Hell yeah that's my name! Should be higher

When I think of a Blake, I think of a tall blonde haired boy #cute


40 Freddy
41 Sydney
42 Evan

I love the name Evan! It has a good ring to it.

Sounds good

43 Josephine

My little sisters middle name

44 Zekk


45 Bella

Lovely name - Johncenaisthebest

Yeh, close to bellum which is Latin for
Beautiful :D

My BFFs name

46 Roger

It sounds magical

47 Angel

I ship Angel and Cryaotic


Sounds like your a mature spy or something...
I also like Rory

48 Erin

My names erin and my brothers is nathan. how weird is that?!?!? They're right beside each other. laugh out loud. I love my name, by the way

It remains me of Erin Hunter!

Erin girl or Aaron boy!
Cool. Name

49 Terance

Awesome name! I really like this one.

50 Danielle

I disapprove this message.

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