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1 Neo

When I hear this name I picture an epic cyborg with platinum blonde hair. I don't know.

This name is unusual and sounds futuristic (a bit)

Its really cool

Dog name

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2 Jenn

That's my name. Thanks everyone!

I think this name is cool because it's not often - I like it


How?! - PokemonGOSucks

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3 Bruno

This name is masculine & bold. This has a johnny blaze ring to it.

It is a common name for dogs - yatharthb

I think it's a class name from bruno the actor

Bruno, wow! Amazing!
Bruno just sounds so awesome!
Bruno has some amazing flare to it!

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4 Holden

Number 62, Hudson

My name is Holden Hudson

What the

Holden Caulfield will live on through reincarnation when my child is born.

Holden sounds like a name a cute amazing guy would have!

Your awesome

That's my name

5 Emily

There was no Anna, so this was my 2nd choice. PLEASE VOTE!

Well it's close to my name melody but I'll pick Emily since it's close to me

My sisters name laugh out loud


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6 Miles

I picture a cute guy with brown hair when I see this name

My dogs name is miles

I know a guy named miles, he's good at no scoping me - EliHbk

This guy is the beast

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8 Trinity

It sounds really cool, and also deep


Trinity if SOOOWWET
And is probably like the best name.

Reminds me of Christians :) love that!

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9 Jacen

It's like from Star Wars!

My dog is called Jacen

10 Sean

One of my son's is named this, we are an Irish family and all my children have Irish names. Love this name. It's timeless.

My best friend is named Sean and he is amazing! I want to name my child Sean.

It's a cool name and I have a dog named Sean

Irish name - PokemonGOSucks

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11 Jaina
12 Kesha

This was the name of the nurse that game me anesthesia when I got mouth surgery. It's also the name of a really bad pop singer who over-uses autotune.

Worst name ever. very Ghetto!

Kesha is my fave singer

Nah to boring sounds like a african name

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13 Tristan

My 3 year olds brothers name is Tristan I love this name so much

My friends name is Tristan!

My friends name

My name is Tristan storm and my name sounds like a superheros name

14 Pink

It's different, and it's not ghetto

Ghetto trash name. Good name for stripper!

15 Clem


16 Tahiri

I've never heard it- Might be good for a book.

17 Casdia
18 Star

It's a name that Rachel Berry would like so much to have!

Because its a great name for a teen girl Star Girl

Yes I love my name

Setora (Persian) and Estrella (Spanish) also mean Star - PokemonGOSucks

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19 Bobby

Bobby is boss... Enough said

Cool! That's my middle name! Each one of my names has been high on the good name lists

I love this name, I don't like Bob, but Bobby is awesome!


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20 Testify

I think it's beautiful and very creative.

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