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181 Gerald

It just sounds like a awesome name

182 Rosalina

I love the name rosanna Rosalina is a aprovement this should be #1

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183 Mikey
184 Maddox

Maddox, Maddex, Madecks, any spelling, cooler than Pink, Max, Alex, and so on. Just say it, MADDOX. So majestic...,. ,i also like Mason ( my name)

185 Ginevra

Say it. Cool right. From Harry Potter Ginny Weasley. Ginevra! Ginny! Call your child it. Ginevra... Cool!?

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186 Hitler

Aw man, wish I had this name...

Stupid mam!


187 Keianda
188 Diane
189 Jordan
190 Abi

Abi/Abigail are one of the coolest names in the world because it means heavens angel in general

191 Neuro

Sure it would be more popular in Japan but its awesome anyway you look at it, it's so mysterious.

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193 Dexter

Name is so cool perfect for cool sweet smart best friend

194 Wander

The dude from Shadow of the Colossus is named this, and he's basically the coolest dude ever.

195 Nicolas
196 Sabrina

My mum gve me the name because she always wanted that name but her parents didn't allow so its special

197 Omar
198 Steve

Steve for a boy, and Stevie is actually a girl's name.-.

199 Frank
200 Buster
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