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21 Trek

Reminds me of captain Kirk... :(

22 Bobby

Bobby is boss... Enough said

Cool! That's my middle name! Each one of my names has been high on the good name lists

I love this name, I don't like Bob, but Bobby is awesome!


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23 Testify

I think it's beautiful and very creative.

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24 Ernesto
25 Axel

Damn this is one badass name.

Yeah the coolest name

Axel is so cool!

So cool

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26 Madeline

It's a really great name, its kind yet bold

cute name

27 Dylan

I love that name! There is a movie about Dylan, Joe, Allie, and Max called the Famous Five

28 Stephanie

Dis nam is stoopid

29 Karl

Its named after a commie.

Who the hell spells carl with a k

30 Nathan

Its cool because it's my name

I approve this message.

My dad's name

31 Synyster

Synyster Gates is amazing, honestly one of the all time best (in my eyes) stage names ever! I named my pitbull after him.

Synyster, just sounds so... MAGIC, if I had a pet unicorn ill call if Synyster

Superb nice name and the backupstage name for synyster gates

i like it

32 Raven

I love this name. It's beautiful. What is it with this list? Most of these names are terrible.

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33 Fauna
34 Pikachu

I think this list is for human names. Not Pokemon. - RiverClanRocks

What type of person would name their kid pikachu

um what?

Who's this pokemon?

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35 Alex

Cool, smooth, powerful name. Bobby hahahahahah... with my experience all bobbys are freaks! except for one, and the girl bobbys (ya know the bobby sue who took the money and ran. XD) - fireinside96

Thats the SmoothCriminal's profile's real name Alex T. Albert yeah - SmoothCriminal

Short for Alexander obviously. One of my favorite names! - RiverClanRocks

That's my crushes name - hsd

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36 Levi

Attack on titian/shingeki no kyojin, laugh out loud that's what's up!

I had a friend named levi.. He wasn't cool at all..

Levi Miller, he was in PAN, so cute, as far as twelve years old go

Great name, might name my kid that.

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37 Linda
38 Taylor

I love this name but why was there not melody -_- I love Taylor swift so I'm picking this name

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39 Evan

I love the name Evan! It has a good ring to it.

40 Sydney
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