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61 Chloe
62 Rachel
63 Ryan V 3 Comments
64 Spencer
65 Xavier


66 Joshua
67 Abigail

Awesome name coolest ever

68 Gemma V 1 Comment
69 Jackie
70 Orion

Metallica and Orions Belt

71 Adolf

This name would suck if your last name was Hitler.

This guy working at a gas station like a little gas never killed anybody

These Hitler jokes are horrible anne frankly they are childish and offensive

Best name ever. 10/10. -Obama has approved this message.

72 Rex

I wish I had this name. I'm actually a girl, but I have always been a big fan of this name. Not only is it a cool and powerful name, but it also starts with my favorite letter in the alphabet. I don't care if it is a boy's name. It rocks! Maybe I'll have this name in another lifetime... ?

73 Ray V 1 Comment
74 Bob

That's my last name

so baddass

75 Genesis
76 Sicily

Its a beautiful name. One of my friends is named that. - fireinside96

77 Luna

It's so gentle, and feminine, the moon itself is amazing, I just love the name, it's powerful but pretty sounding at the same time!

V 2 Comments
78 Eric

Its ma name too!

V 1 Comment
79 Lewis V 1 Comment
80 Hudson

This is a great name! Sophisticated, yet cool

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