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101 Gabriel V 1 Comment
102 Nicholas

This is my friends name

It means victory

103 Dmitri
104 Rochè V 1 Comment
105 Jarod V 1 Comment
106 Francesca
107 George
108 Light

I would run around with a notebook calling myself "Kira" and claim to be the God of this world!

Jack jumped over this one many times

Death note hero name..the coolest ever!

109 Psyche

Ok all I gotta say is, THIS IS A EPIC NAME, anything with psy is bound to lead to something epic! Unn my main reasons this is awesome because I'm an otaku (major anime fan in a can) ill explode if you open the can for anime knowledge.

V 1 Comment
110 Antonio

This name is as good as goodness sprinkled with more goodness

111 Thomas
112 Juliet

Pretty girl name... Plus what if she stumbled upon a Romeo?

113 Andrea V 1 Comment
114 Jasmine
115 Evie V 3 Comments
116 Brandon

I thinks it's a awesome name for a smart guy

117 Birk
118 Linden

Although it could also be spelled Lyndon. Or is that a different name?

119 Cooper
120 Wesley
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