Coolest Need for Speed Games

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1 Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Awesome game and graphics. The best version of need for speed ever

2 Need for Speed: Underground 2
3 Need for Speed: Carbon

A better game than all of the others, it's so satisfying to beat the final boss (no spoilers).

Anybody who seriously thinks any other video game on this planet is superior to this game haven't played it yet or better yet, doesn't have the skills to win the first race. And no, MW 2005 isn't #1. It might be #3 right after UG2.

Why is underground 2 in front of carbon. everything about carbon is superior to underground 2. Better graphics, more car options, better customization, better career story, better gameplay, more races, better characters. Name one thing that is actually better about underground 2 then carbon. I understand most wanted in front of this because of what it did to the need for speed franchise but other then the story of most wanted, carbon trumps every need for speed game, except for 2015.

4 Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
5 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)
6 Need for Speed: Underground
7 Need for Speed: Undercover
8 Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed
9 Need for Speed 2015

The best I own a lambo and a volvo beat me any time il beat u bring it on

10 Need for Speed: Shift

The Contenders

11 Need for Speed: Rivals
12 Need for Speed: Prostreet
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