Top Ten Coolest Nicknames

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1 Dolory
2 Dummy Cakes

Lol, why? - lovefrombadlands

3 Herpes Girl
4 Kawaye
5 Chinna Kuyil
6 Buckwild
7 Snake

My nickname is werewolf, but this one is sweet aha, I love the animal, I love the name, my fave character in the simpsons is snake!

I didn't like any of the names and could you put in why they are cool

8 Rossco
9 Gis
10 Frog

My friend (BARELY qualifies as a friend) calls me this when I was 1st-4th grade 24/7. It'z NOT cool (my friends call me with all kinds of animal names, like frog, pig, cat, lizard etc) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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11 Staggman

Don't now what means but take out the extra g stagman looks better

12 Redneck
13 Stalker

I'm not a stalker, I just really like Chris Hemsworth. - Imagine-Thor-Here

14 Anit
15 Mak Attack
16 Whale
17 Lachie
18 D.J.

DJ KHALED! - lovefrombadlands

19 Sir Awesomo
20 IDK Bob
21 Crash
22 Barbie

Call a cake-faced teenage girl this or someone who wears pink. - ArpstaAmy333

I would take offense to this. - lovefrombadlands

23 Ginger

I am called this nickname a lot I love it

24 Mr. Bananas
25 Mr. TMI
26 Boobadybopbopbashado
27 Night Walker
28 Fart King
29 Birdy

my last name is bird so I get called birdy.

30 JD-Money

Like JD from The Rap Game! - lovefrombadlands

31 Z-Walk
32 Kenji
33 JJ
34 Z-Dubs
35 K-Show
36 MJ

Michael Jordan, Mary Jane, MICHAEL JACKSON - SmoothCriminal

37 Chris Breezy
38 Eazy
39 Bonker
40 Hazza

I really don't like this because it's Harry Styles's. - lovefrombadlands

41 Jezz
42 Cracka Lacka
43 Boompow
44 Jacksy
45 The Guy
46 Pretty Kool Guy Everyone Hates
47 A.T.A.
48 Celestius
49 The Body
50 Hoss
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