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21 Nico Robin Nico Robin

No sharp teethes, to show that she's angry but in the episode 367 it shows a devil in her to show that's she's angry. When she's scared she sweats and not poking her tongue out. I thinks she's the coolest by doing those things

There is no one cooler then her. Always calm and hasn't foolish addictions.

Prettiest and not to mention probably the smartest of all women

Ojos fleur orejas fleur

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22 Gol D. Roger

How is he all the way down here? He's the King of the Pirates!

King Pirate must be the first

23 Jinbe

He is Jinbe, what other reason to be the coolest you need

24 Sabo

The inheritor of the mera mera fruit (Formerly Ace's)
Makes Sabo an instant BAMF

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25 Enel

not only cool, but he is also powerful. - joshsanz

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26 Brook Brook V 1 Comment
27 Pandaman

Pandaman is the best character out. How come he isn't number one?

Panda Man is so cool. He is the most mysirious character and yet one of the most often seen (If you look hard enough)

Pandaman: future king of pirates

Lol, why is this even on the list

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28 Benn Beckman

He made Kizaru surrender when he pointed a gun at him... Not even Rayleigh could do it that easily

29 Wiper

Badass Shandia warrior, he survived 3 rejects! LIGHT THE FIRE OF SHANDIA

30 Shiliew of the Rain
31 Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach)
32 Boa Hancock Boa Hancock

Love her powerful beautiful :3

Hankock is very powerful because she can make stone everything and the best haki user!

33 Franky Franky

Franky is just the boss of simply everything, his coolness goes beyond anyone else in the entire series, not a single doubt about it.

How is he not WAY higher on this list I swear to god he is so COOL! He is a cyborg with power and personality that hits you like a truck! He's just so SUPPERRR!

He built the Thousand Sunny and hid a mini-Merry in it. Dood is a real bro!


34 Tony Tony Chopper Tony Tony Chopper V 2 Comments
35 Monkey D Garp

Fall asleep in the middle of a sentence... Burst through walls ensxt to the door because it's cool... Damaged Marco... Coolest Marine... Luffy's Grandad + Ace "Grandad" + Dragon's Dad + Roger's Archenemy... What's not to like. Oh and Fist of LOVE

He is luffy's Grandpa enough said

36 Bentham Mr. 2 Bon Kurei

With zoro and luff, honestly are the ones who always sacrifice for his friends, a truly hero among the not main characters

Made the ultimate sacrifise in impel down

Was by Luffys side the whole time when he was poisened

He has the same attitude as Zoro, give it your all for your friends

And he's an Okama (cross dresser)

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37 Sakazuki

Why does this idiot is on the list?

38 Killer
39 Caesar Clown Caesar Clown

He's sadistic and psychotic, but still cool in my own opinion. And he can be funny too, especially with his face faults. He is one of my favorite One Piece/anime antagonists, without a single doubt.

40 Corazon

Corazon sacrificed himself for law and was and amazing character

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