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21 Minehalo109

He is a kid and he has lots of friends and he likes Minecraft and he is really good at fighting games and shooter games and he is pure awesome.

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22 Mystic Nova
23 zilllyboi
24 patatasme1
25 BossDude99

Me! I play mw3, Minecraft, Black ops, Grand Theft Auto 5 add me up!

Dude y won't u join my party?

26 EnderStalker04

My homie he is young but he is beast at minecraft

27 buckyBrOnCo27

My brother he plays Call of Duty, minecraft

28 joeyz99

Play Grand Theft Auto 5 with my homie

29 CheesyBannana564

My homeboy add him up!

30 kx65 nm05

This dude has like every game

31 Laughing Lama13

This kid is a beast he plays Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, minecraft

32 Spderman714

This dude is chill


Add this kid up

34 BrassyEagle
35 IHuntYOURXbox

This dude is awesome - HeavyMetalReviewer

37 Modz X Sunny

He has Call of Duty, Minecraft, and battlefield

38 TheGamingLemon

Star doing more Minecraft please

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39 X MAN 130
40 MattsterzXD
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