Those who despise Jesus Christ, BACK OFF! It comes to me that you know NOTHING about Jesus! I understand you say that there is only one God, or Jesus is a regular person. But Jesus isn't God GOD. He's God's one and only son, but at the same time, he's a one of the 3 FORMS of God. God told the people that he will be sending a Savior. And that's Jesus. He knew from the very beginning that he had to die on the cross. He knew from the very beginning that he would shed his blood for us. As he was being nailed on the cross, he could've just used his powers and break free, and kill all the people that were watching and laughing at him. But no... He endured it all the way, and died. Then 3 days later, he rose from his death, and went to heaven. This is too much for God and Jesus to do for all those people who causes sins all over the world. But in the end, it was worth the pain. Jesus died and rose again. God's one and only son rose from the dead. If you don't believe or want to believe ...more

Hard riddle. It has 7 letters, it preceded jesus, it is greater than jesus, it is more evil than the devil. Having trouble? Giving up? The answer is NOTHING. Nothing preceded jesus, nothing is greater than jesus, NOTHING IS MORE EVIL THAN THE DEVIL! So nothing is greater than jesus hm. Yes, very true. I'm a child and my mother used to be catholic ( going into a different kind of church now ) but she's very kind. There's no reason why jesus should not be number 1. He is not visible
Person : but I don't understand! If you don't see him how is he real?
Me: well you see, you can't see wind can you?
Person : no...
Me: god is the same way. Exept he lives
Person : ok I understand now but do christian's force people to believe?
Me: well, not everybody, if you say everybody its called stereotyping. However, some DO do this and say mean things if you do not want to believe
Person : ok. Thanks for the advice!
Ok thanks for reading this comment! Bye!

Any one who can walk on water is super cool. This is my boy we're talking about here, he sacrificed his life for us! ;)

I love Jesus I can't believe he is not first I love him so much I love him very very very very very very very very much I love him more than anyone or anything that exisit I don't know what I would do without him I love him so much he saved us I love him so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much he is number one number one! Number one number one number one number one! I love him so much he is awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome! He saved us he died on the cross to save us he is awesome he should be number one I am so thankful to have him when I pray to him he answers my prayers he is with me wherever I go he is awesome vote for him he should have a million votes I love him so so so so so so so so so much vote for him!

Frankly, I don't think Jesus would like this list. For one thing, his mother Mary isn't even on it. For another, half the people he created--women--are virtually ignored in your top 100. There are only eight women in your top hundred. Eight! I seriously do not think Jesus would agree that 92 percent of the coolest people on earth are men, since men have started all of the wars and done most of the mass shootings recently. A lot of Top Ten lists need a major overhaul and this unfortunately is one of them.

Jesus saved a woman's life when she was going to be stoned to death. He listened as the crowd raved at her and drew calmly with his finger in the sand. When they asked him if she should die he told them that the man who had done nothing wrong themselves should throw the first stone. When the crowd left he looked at the woman and told her she was free to go and live her life, but without making the same mistakes (sins). I wonder what she was thinking? I think that's the action of a cool person.

The way of God sometimes confuses me, and I know that I (like everyone) have sinned, but I do believe that if I believe in Jesus and I ask forgiveness, I should be saved. After all, I've always been told that as long as you repent for your sins and you except Jesus as your savior, your sins will be forgiven and God won't sent you to Hell. And I have made plenty of good and generous decisions, which should account for something.

Amen brother. Jesus was (is) one cool cat. Here is a guy that always had the right things to say at the right time and beyond that did some pretty gnarly stuff like turning water into the best wine ever, raising Lazarus from the dead, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, fixing the cripple to allow him to walk, feeding thousands with just a few fish... the list goes on. And above all - He give his life for you - for me - for the biggest sinners out there. JC is my choice as well.

Jesus is one that guides my life, and he is the chaperone of my life. Without the presence of Jesus, I may not have been the person I am today, since his guidance and his wisdom led me to a point in my life where I have received his teachings, especially his kindness, benevolence, wisdom.

Yeah, Vin Diesel is one of the coolest guys out there. But hey, Christ Jesus was far more than just a person, he was God in human form. And he is the reason I can be reunited with God and go to Heaven... How cool is that?!

Jesus is the only way to eternal life. There is salvation in no other. He was 100% man while 100% God. He made the lame walk, the blind see, brought the dead to life. Then He defeated death threw the cross & is risen! How can you get "cooler" than that?

The best peace-maker in the world, I read about him in the bible, and read his quotes, they are simply catchy and awesome... He heals people, comfort their hearts and even bring them back to life!.. Just try to read the bible.. "It won't hurt! "

"Before Abraham was, I am" -- How cool was that.
Pharisees: "On whose authority do you do those things (like cast out devils, heal on sabbath, etc. )? "
Jesus: "If you answer me on whose authority John the Baptist does what he does, his or God's, I'll answer you."
Pharisees: "We don't know"
Jesus: "Then I don't need to answer you.

Jesus is WONDERFUL, AMAZING, AWESOME, EVERYTHING you'll ever need. Nothing else can really satisfy your soul. He can do it, come on He is just the GREATEST EVER! Can't be compared to NONE.

The most controversial man who lived in the world, shaped MOST lives of people I know. Cool in terms of being the best teacher of human core values; do's and don't's. He also shaped me in terms of my world views and how I view my life would be. The one true God! :)) - kine17

Yeah, Jesus probably is the coolest person that has ever lived. I mean, he walked on water, changed water into wine, healed nearly every illness, and got over a third of the world to believe that he is the Son of God. That's pretty dang cool, if you ask me.

So true. Jesus gave up his life up for all of ours. He teaches a lot about joining and trusting God and his trust. I go to church every once in a while, and I'm grateful for everything, even if I have it already have it or if I don't like it.

Even if Jesus wasn't the son of God, he's a historical figure (yes atheists, look it up) that lived his life preaching peace in a violent period of time, and he died for it.

Jesus Christ is real. He's real. Anyway, why not believe in him? If he's fake, you have nothing to lose. If he's real, you have a lot to gain, like going to heaven. And he is real. Believe in god today. By the way he's super cool

This man should be at number one. He is the best person who ever lived. He was perfect: literally perfect. Had absolutley no flaws and loved everyone: even those who killed him. He is a role model for anyone.

If I tell you how much I love Jesus I will be here going o and on about how awesome he is. I love him so much! He makes me so happy. It makes me want to cry because he died on the cross for us! I'm christan by the way

Even if you don't believe in him, you gotta admit, bringing people back to life and turning water to wine and all that miraculous stuff is pretty cool. - cjWriter1997

John 3:16 - For YAHWEH So Loved The World That HE Gave HIS Only Son, That ANYONE Who Believes On HIM Would Have Eternal Life & Not Perish. Read THE MESSAGE Version of the BIBLE - It's Written In Today's LANGUAGE & Easy To Understand!

He is pretty awesome...and cool! He is just so kind and always forgiving, and he turned down Satan in the desert for whats truly right! And he died for us come on guys. - dragonfly99

Imagine without Jesus. Bloody hell what a life would that be...