Top Ten Coolest Possible Nintendo Battles

The Top Ten

1 Link vs. Mario

Hero of Twilight vs. Mario, not Jumpman. Takes place in Hyrule Field. Both of these guys are overloaded with physical strength (especially Mario). It's a very equal battle in my opinion, But Link has more health, giving him the victory. - SuperLonk

The battle of the two Nintendo mascots - Aidanisawesome

2 Mario vs. Mega Man

Takes place in Super Smash Bros. Battlefield, except they don't fight like ssb fighters, they fight like themselves in the game. No items except for 2 smash balls after 2 minutes of fighting, one of which Mario takes while the other goes to mega man. I say Mega Man tries to make several strikes with different attacks, with agile Mario dodging all of them. Eventually, Mario is able to give a few superpowered punches and bent the metal inside his body. Mega Man then strikes with a flame sword and defeats Mario. - SuperLonk

3 DK vs. Bowser

Takes place in Kongo Jungle. This is a battle between unstoppable force and immovable object. Bowser isn't really immovable, it's more like Bowser is balanced between Defense and Attack, while DK is an unstoppable force with terrible defense. I mean, he can throw the moon, just imagine what a punch from him would do. Yet if a bird slowly bumps into him, he loses a half of his health. So basically whoever hits first is the winner. Bowser is generally pretty slow, so Dk takes this. - SuperLonk

Two strong characters, fighting for one reason: to become the ultimate nemesis of Mario.

4 Yoshi vs. Rush

Rush can transform into a giant drill. Yoshi's tongue's not going to be able to touch that. - SuperLonk

5 Samus vs. Kirby

Takes place in Final Destination. I think we've learned that without hypernova, kirby can only swallow lesser beings. Samus, is not a lesser being. Kirby only has his fighting skills, air puffs, and bomb ability to defeat her. Why bomb ability? Because he can swallow Samus' missiles. I'm still gonna have to go with Samus for this one though. - SuperLonk

6 Fox McCloud vs. Star Lord

Nintendo vs. Marvel, the first chapter: Star Fox vs. The Guardians of the Galaxy. It all comes down to this... Star Lord stomps! - SuperLonk

Takes place in outer space, next to a football-field sized hollow space station with nothing in it, perfect for duking it out. Fox has his Arwing and his Smash weapons, while Star Lord has his Rora, his element gun, and nothing else. The Arwing hits Ship with a few power bombs, damaging it. Star Lord can't win the dogfight, so he goes down to the station. Fox swoops in and tries to blast him a few times, but Star-Lord's gun hit's the wing of with a well aimed rock, and they're forced to fight on the ground., where Fox doesn't stand a chance. - SuperLonk

7 Kirby vs. Yoshi

Takes place in Super Mario Bros. 1-1. Kirby flies around most of the time trying to think of a way to defeat Yoshi, while Yoshi chucks a truckload of eggs at him. Kirby demonstrates his prime egg-catching ability (this time with no bombs), and Yoshi gives up and tries to give him a nasty kick, but before he can hit, Kirby inhales him. - SuperLonk

Do you speak yoshi?

8 Pikachu vs. Mario

Pikachu has lightning strike cheeks. Mario is doomed. - SuperLonk

Love Pokemon and pikachu is legendery

9 Luigi vs. Zero

Luigi doesn't stand a chance if it really happened, but it could be a pretty interesting battle if done right. - SuperLonk

10 Link vs. Pit

The Contenders

11 Peach vs. Magikarp
12 Master Core vs. Cackletta
13 Ness vs. Kirby

Takes place in Onett. Kirby can't inhale electricity or fire, so ness stomps. - SuperLonk

14 Mewtwo vs. Rosalina
15 Ganondorf vs. Captain Falcon
16 Rayquaza vs. Virginia
17 Shulk vs. Cloud

Would be epic and pretty dynamic. Potential to be serious and gritty unlike other match ups here, and more fair too if given a party as backup

18 Luigi vs. Lucas
19 Samus vs. Mega Man
20 Mario vs Sonic
21 Cloud vs. Ike
22 Waddle Dee vs. Goomba
23 Mega Man X vs. Zero
24 Ness vs. Lucas
25 Quote vs. Samus
26 Quote vs. Mega Man
27 Little Mac vs. Captain Falcon
28 Captain Falcon vs. Samus
29 Dark Pit vs. Dark Samus
30 Mario vs. Luigi
31 Shulk vs. Lucina
32 Majora vs. Zant
33 Dimentio vs. Kefka
34 Fawful vs. Dimentio
35 Isaac vs. Robin
36 Corrin vs. Anankos
37 Alm and Celica vs. Duma
38 Bowser vs. Ganon
39 Waluigi vs Luigi
40 Giga Bowser vs Dark Bowser
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