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21 Lightningdust

It should've been Lightningstreak! A well muscled jet black tom with a sight-shocking golden streak across back. Piercing golden eyes.

Wow. Having dust as a suffix is literally THE BEST. I should use this name for an OC.

22 Lionclaw

This is so cool!

I have an OC whose name is Lionclaw, he's my son

Ya dis awesome

Clan: ThunderClan
Colour: Dusty tan/brown and ginger w/ black
Eye Color: Green
Mother: Volestar
Father: Tigerfrost
Brother(s): TigerTail
Sister(s): Wolfpaw, SongBird
Death: killed by Tigerfrost
Appearance: A ruffled tan/bright ginger tom with a spiky ruff long claws and green eyes.

23 Poopsnot

I imagine a white tom with dark brown patches and dark green eyes.

Wow... That is the most disgusting name I've ever read

I pity the cat with that name

oh my gosh

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24 Wispwater

Brisk, beautiful, cream she-cat with a ruffled white chest, paws, ears, and tail tip. She has brilliant green eyes and a soft voice. She is devoted, kind, and calm medicine cat. Whenever a cat from her clan is injured, she will do everything in her power to heal each and every one with care and patience. She does not rush her work, even if a battle is going on to make sure all wounds are treated the right way.

I think that she would be a beautiful cream she cat with little white streaks and swirls all over her body, white paws, and pale green eyes. I love this name!

I think of a silvery blue she cat with lavender eyes. She would probably be in RiverClan, and would be a medicine Cat.

25 FeatherMist

Oh NO. How WILL you manage? I'm sure this person STOLE your OC. The world isn't all about you. Sooner or later you must realize that.

This is my OCs name :D

LOVE it. it sounds like a silver tabby she-cat from WaterClan. she could become deputy, or be a medicine cat.


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26 Embermoon

Black she-cat with dark ginger muzzle, paws and tail tip with orange-amber

This reminds me of one of my friend's OC, Dapplemoon which is super pretty! Embermoon would maybe be like Milkweed in DotC except a dark brown, not black. Anyways, a very dark brown she-cat and her pelt is scattered with bright ginger. Or... maybe... a blue/white she-cat with bright ginger speckles. Either would be really pretty.

, I have a Torbie oc (A tortie with tabby stripes) and she is Emberpaw... I'm so using this for her warrior name!

Pretty! Sounds like a ginger she-cat, though all things with fire, ember, flame etc. usually do. You're looking at the next cat to be born into one of my five Clans! Great name.
Note: to whoever made up this name
I congratulate you on an awesome name! Keep it up
~ Skyheart

27 Wolfclaw

Gray tom and with black stripes-WolvesNight

Uh deerfoot and wolfheart already exist -_-
But this cat would become Wolfstar

Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Ferndapple
Father: Wolfheart
Sister(s): Spottedtail
Brother(s): Lionpaw
Mate: Whitebird
Son(s): Littleear
Daughter(s): Deerfoot
Rank: Deputy
Age: 122 moons
Apprentice(s): Oakpaw
Mentor: Yellowclaw
Named by: In honor of Wolfheart

28 Willowmoon

Why is this at the bottom it's a wonderful name!

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29 Appledust

Actually sounds sweet and creative! She's headstrong, sometimes willful or stubborn, but a natural born leader. I imagine her a mix of chestnut brown, dark brown, and reddish brown with even darker brown eyes. I really love this name! She gets her stubbornness from her mother fern dapple but her father is kinda calm and cool so they get in fights a lot sometimes)) she was apart of the great battle to snowclan so she and her group of 7 cats including one app -apprentice- she had to take so they fought against each other partly in the snow and Leaf clan wasn't used to the cold frosty snow so they were forced out of the forest and snow clan had a new territory. At the same time her little " group " had mouths to feed because little tail had her kits with black stripe named them frost kit, dark kit, and hawkiit. then their group came across this huge deadly sharp tooth and it killed two of her kits Hawk and dark kit. It also attacked snow clan and killed one of the apps so they had to ...more

I see a solid, dark brown she-cat with bright green eyes. She'd be the eldest daughter of Thornberry, a light brown tabby tom, and Ferndapple, a soft-furred tortoiseshell she-cat. Sister to 2 siblings; Oliveleaf, a tortoiseshell she-cat, and Acornfall, a brownish-red tabby she-cat. As a kit, Thornberry died of greencough in leaf-bare when Applepaw was in the middle apprenticeship. Even though Ferndapple and her sisters handled it in grief, she couldn't see any reason to stop listening to what her mentor, Mudwhisker, was teaching her. Olivepaw and Acornpaw were bewildered at why their sister didn't show much sadness when her own father had died. She was sometimes looked over because of this but only focused on becoming a warrior. When she finally received her name, Appledust, she became much more bold and independent.

30 Snowstorm

Sounds like a pure white she-cat with deep green eyes.

Beautiful and simple. I can see a very very light silver shecatwith pure white spotted markings and light bue eyes.

I have an OC named this,
She's a pure with she cat with kinda spiky, ruffled fur and golden amber poole eyes with a plumy tail

31 Silentsong

Her prophecy could be: 'There is no song without silence, and no peace without violence'. She could be mute, not able to talk at all, and be a silver tabby. She is awkward, and intelligent.

I thought of her as being a pale grey and white she cat who is a mute but a dedicated medicine cat

Oh that's so pretty

In my mind, I think she would be a silver cat. White splotches. Blue eyes. She would be sneaking out of camp with the moonlight hinting the fear in her eyes. She would be very intelligent but too fearful, often a cat that wouldn't understand feelings well. She never thought she would become a medicine cat in the first place, but missing her forgotten sister, was thrown into the life of one. Later, she was named Silentsong for her lack in speaking. It wasn't her fault that her sister had left without telling! She couldn't have even bothered to tell her mate? But her sadness had been replaced by fear and anger. She wouldn't budge from the apprentice's den and refused even to help herself to Smallstone's offerings of goatweed. But what drove her to find her mate was a kittypet: Nellie had been settling into her Clan after meeting them as a loner and seemed to be more of a medicine cat than Smallstone. Silentsong snuck out of camp and became mates with another medicine cat named Jaysong. ...more

32 Stormbird

This actually sounds like a real warrior name!

I saw this on another list and just had to add it! (Silentmist please go die)


What do that mean😐(Silentmist please go die)?

33 Wolfheart Wolfheart

This could be a gray tom with black tabby stripes and blue eyes.

I love this name, it would be a pure grey tom with green eyes, and he would be loyal towards his clan as deputy. when he became wolfstar, he lost his first life in a battle against rogues.

A greyish white tom with a spiky ruff and dark eyes.
Wolfheart was an adventurous tom when he was young and still was to this day. He was always risky even with his apprentices which was why they loved having him as a mentor. But one day his riskiness nearly killed him. He was trying to get to a step on a sheer cliff. The ledge broke and he almost fell. But a border patrol from FlameClan spotted him and caught his ruff at the last second. At first he backed away and hissed in fright. She scowled and then stepped closer to him. He did the same. She told him he'd better get away from FlameClan. Your lucky I'm the one that found you. Any other cat would've clawed you up. She smiled sweetly. He grinned a bit. And ran away.
He smelled of FlameClan and his clan mates stared suspiciously at him. Wolfheart tried to be casual.
When the sun fell, he had the sudden urge to go to the she cat. He went and she was there to. She was named Russetstorm. He loved her and told her instantly. ...more

34 Hawkwing

Already exists

Err this IS a cat there will be a book called HAWKWINGS JOURNEY. THOUGHT THIS WAS FOR NAMES TBAT don't EXIST

35 Sunfeather

Sounds like a pretty golden she-cat with fawn colored tabby stripes! I LOVE it!

I have literally come up with this name so much it's so pretty!

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36 Shatteredflight

A dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. She has long fur and a bushy tail.

Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Squirreltail
Father: Stonefall
Sister(s): 0
Brother(s): Thornberry, Nightshade
Rank: Warrior
Death: Killed by Iceclaw
Appearance: Dark russet she-cat, bushy tail, dark amber eyes

37 Mistycloud

Sounds cool. I imagine a silvery she-cat with darker stripes, pale blue eyes

Pale gray and white tabby with blue eyes. - Oliveleaf

Hey that's actually my warrior name :D

Silvery she cat with black spots and white paws.
Father: WhiteFlame, white tom with an orange patches and orange/yellow eyes
Mother: DarkRose, black she cat with white swirls and white eyes
Brothers: BirchPaw, SparrowPaw, a cream tom with black stripes, and a black tom with a dark orange chest
Mate: NightEye, a black tom with dark brown eyes.
MistCloud was a very popular and proud because of the talented way she hunted. Where she hit the opponent in the face, bounced off a rock, and slammed it to the ground. She loved this and soon met a skilled warrior named NightEye. Together they had 2 kits, Redkit and Blackkit and they too were loved by the whole clan.
One day she was exploring by a gorge.
Suddenly the ground started to shake and the ground crumbled. She fell in and was trapped in the gorge. She called and called nobody heard for a few moons.
WhiteFlame, back from his hunts heard his daughter and went running to the sound. He broke the ground and tried to ...more

38 Ferndapple

I think they' d be a brown, mottled she-cat with green eyes. You may be thinking, "This name doesn't make sense! Kits don't open their eyes right away! " And that is where you're wrong, my friend. Ferndapple was born as an only kit in a bed of ferns, her mother, although the kit wasn't forbidden, was more intent on being the leader of her Clan with no time for kits. - AloeVera

Very nice. I don't think Fern was for the eyes in this case. I think it was for a feathery build kind of like a fern. - Warriorcatsfandom

39 Oliveleaf V 1 Comment
40 Mistsong
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