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21 Lightningdust

It should've been Lightningstreak! A well muscled jet black tom with a sight-shocking golden streak across back. Piercing golden eyes.

Wow. Having dust as a suffix is literally THE BEST. I should use this name for an OC.

22 Poopsnot

Wow... That is the most disgusting name I've ever read

I pity the cat with that name

Beautiful name! How did you come up with it? I love it!

That name sucks how could you ever post that online. That's a insult to warriors. 😡😤

-Spottedfern of DreamClan

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23 Willowmoon

Why is this at the bottom it's a wonderful name!

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24 Wispwater

I think that she would be a beautiful cream she cat with little white streaks and swirls all over her body, white paws, and pale green eyes. I love this name!

I think of a silvery blue she cat with lavender eyes. She would probably be in RiverClan, and would be a medicine Cat.

25 Lionclaw V 3 Comments
26 FeatherMist

Oh NO. How WILL you manage? I'm sure this person STOLE your OC. The world isn't all about you. Sooner or later you must realize that.

This is my OCs name :D

LOVE it. it sounds like a silver tabby she-cat from WaterClan. she could become deputy, or be a medicine cat.


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27 Hawkwing

Already exists

Err this IS a cat there will be a book called HAWKWINGS JOURNEY. THOUGHT THIS WAS FOR NAMES TBAT don't EXIST

28 Embermoon

, I have a Torbie oc (A tortie with tabby stripes) and she is Emberpaw... I'm so using this for her warrior name!

Pretty! Sounds like a ginger she-cat, though all things with fire, ember, flame etc. usually do. You're looking at the next cat to be born into one of my five Clans! Great name.
Note: to whoever made up this name
I congratulate you on an awesome name! Keep it up
~ Skyheart

29 Wolfclaw V 1 Comment
30 Sunfeather

Sounds like a pretty golden she-cat with fawn colored tabby stripes! I LOVE it!

I have literally come up with this name so much it's so pretty!

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31 Ferndapple

I think they' d be a brown, mottled she-cat with green eyes. You may be thinking, "This name doesn't make sense! Kits don't open their eyes right away! " And that is where you're wrong, my friend. Ferndapple was born as an only kit in a bed of ferns, her mother, although the kit wasn't forbidden, was more intent on being the leader of her Clan with no time for kits. - AloeVera

Very nice. I don't think Fern was for the eyes in this case. I think it was for a feathery build kind of like a fern. - Warriorcatsfandom

32 Appledust
33 Silentsong

Her prophecy could be: 'There is no song without silence, and no peace without violence'. She could be mute, not able to talk at all, and be a silver tabby. She is awkward, and intelligent.

I thought of her as being a pale grey and white she cat who is a mute but a dedicated medicine cat

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34 Wolfheart Wolfheart

This could be a gray tom with black tabby stripes and blue eyes.

I love this name, it would be a pure grey tom with green eyes, and he would be loyal towards his clan as deputy. when he became wolfstar, he lost his first life in a battle against rogues.

35 Hollyfrost

Pure black she-cat with blue eyes, long tail and claws.
Clan : ThunderClan
Personality : kind, smart, loving, a bit stubborn, loyal, funny, adventurous, curious
Is trying her best to be the best warrior in the clan

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36 Firestorm

Firestar and sandstorm's ship name

Was this name not number one? - Marshmellow


37 Shatteredflight

A dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. She has long fur and a bushy tail.

38 Thundercry
39 Iceclaw

Pretty neat, I imagine a silver she-cat who is fierce. -Cloudstar of MistClan

40 Mistycloud

Sounds cool. I imagine a silvery she-cat with darker stripes, pale blue eyes

Pale gray and white tabby with blue eyes. - Oliveleaf

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