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61 Snowdrop

This is a amazing a white she-cat with dark brown spots and blue eyes as a kit she always wondered of looking for something to explore as a apprentice she was fast and quick she became mates with snow owl she had three kits glow kit moth kit and tree kit and got the name snowdrop

This is a rabbit name in Watership Down the book!

It is in Omen of the stars I have the book

Snowdrop is actually a kittypet's name in... I think The first book of Omen of the stars.

62 Bloodbite

Love this...he was desended from mah! -WolvesNight

Vampire cat..? Mrah Mrah Mrah!

63 Ambersky

It reminds me of a sunset! Lovely!
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

A pale ginger mottled she cat with dark orange blotches and amber eyes.
Father: DawnClaw, a cream and white tom with near grey eyes
Mother: GingerNose, a ginger she cat with dark green eyes
Sisters: SunDapple, MistStorm, a yellowish she cat with dark orange patches, and a pale grey she cat with white paws and white eyes
When AmberSky and her sisters were kits, their parents had abandoned them, for their own safety over the recent rouge encounters. They were given to a queen named CreamWing. She currently had 3 kits, Spottedkit, Brownkit, and Stormkit. Even though, she was fine with taking in the kits. Sunkit and Mistkit were simply happy with seeing and exploring a new den. At night, the other kits slept in a big pile in the back of the den. But CreamWing always kept Amberkit close on account of her being very young. In the mornings when the other kits were out causing mischief, CreamWing took Amberkit with her and made sure she was always there. CreamWing had 2 litters of ...more

64 Whispersong

A very majestic name. I think it would be the name of a medicine cat. I imagine a pale silver nearly white she-cat with a darker tail-tip and icy blue eyes. I think of this name as one that would belong to a WindClan cat


65 Moltenflame

Sounds like a dominant male with black fur and red stripes. He is very prone to starting a fight with another clan. He also has 5 mates. One from his clan one kitty pet and one from each of the other clans.

Sounds like a black tom with gray flecks and dark ginger paws with deep amber eyes. He would be calm and comforting to his ClanMates, but has a tendency to get fired up over nothing, and to always be the first to start a battle.

66 Stormpounce

I like it. Why has no one voted? I think it's kinda cute. He would be a little pale grey tom with big, baby blue eyes and dark grey patches. he would be shy and know a couple of herbs but a secretly amazing hunter and okay fighter. Never thought of having kits but eventually had four with a confident nice she-cat, super pretty and all the toms wanted her but she saw something in the little shy tom that ate with his one sib and hardly ever had a conversation with anyone. He got a lot more confident after mating.

67 Windsong
68 Echolight

Umm good

69 Echocloud

Sounds like a beautiful, Snow White, gentle she cat. She gets a mate and has three kits, Riverkit, Bluekit and rockkit. She dies on her children's apprentice ceremony, when Riverkit gets her apprentice name some rogues attack. She gets attacked and dies from a big wound on the neck. She guides her kits along the right path and stays beside them until they join starclan. She also grants her kits a long life, but unfortunately she made their lives too long and fades away, never spending any real time with her kits. I might make a fanfic out of this

Love the name! The story is also great!
- Skyheart

70 Clearsong
71 Mouseheart

A brown she-cat with black patches

Dark brown tom with a short tail and a lighter brown-flecked muzzle. I was thinking he would have a shy but determined personality and amber eyes. I know mouse-heart is an insult but there could be like a story behind it. He was probably named Mouseheart because many saw him as a coward which is what his name means. So kinda like Foxheart. Nice name whoever posted it. ~Mistyrain

72 Patchstrike

Hey, this thing is sorta getting down to the nice names! Never thought that would happen! -The creator of this name

Haters gonna hate. this name was a randomized thing that I got on a warriors game. I loved it, and he is now an O.C.

73 Sunstorm
74 Mapledawn
75 Hawkscry

A reddish, brown scuffed, glossy tom with bright green eyes like translucent dew on morning leaves.
His father is EagleFeather and his mother is Jaysong. He has a sister named Owlkit. When Hawkscry was a kit, his sister Owlkit was killed by a treacherous WolfClan cat named FoxWatcher. EagleFeather was extremely upset that his kit had been killed and he couldn't stop him. Hawkkit was left by himself in the den.
When Hawkpaw was nearly a warrior, he still grieved the loss of Owlkit. He could just make out when he opened his eyes the tawny she kit with bright golden eyes. One chilly morning, Wolfstrike and Spiderleg were watching Hawkpaw closely.
Hawkpaw heard a yowl and came running to the scene...

76 Silentstream
77 Lavaglow

Umm Cats Dunno What Lava is

Beautiful name, I amagine a flame colored she-cat with white tip of the tail and paws! - Streamfall of MoonClan

78 Echofire

She would be a dark brown mottled cat with red specks and stripes around her back and hind legs. She has dark orange eyes with small brown flecks. She starts life as a kitty pet with her brother Max a gray tom with green eyes. They lived with four two legs. Max loved and enjoyed living with two legs. He liked being petted and being groomed. Echokit on the other hand spent most of her time outside trying to catch butterflies, squirrels, or hissing at the tabby next door. WindClan first noticed her sneaking up on a toad. Leaf star leader of WindClan didn't want to take Echokit at first. So they waited watched for a few moons. Then finally decided to approach. They padded over. Echokit didn't even hesitate to accept. Max had watched all of this from a window. He knew where his sister needed to be and they would see each again one time or another.

That's so pretty! I'm thinking of an amber she cat with misty leaf green eyes.

79 Brookwhisper

Maybe a silver she-cat with unusual green eyes?

=^..^= I like it. I'd say Brookwhisper would be a brown tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes, a white chest, and one white paw. She would be in RiverClan and is mates with a light gray tom named Grayfur. She has 4 kits; Ravenkit, Sweetkit, Larkkit, and Larchkit. ~Mistyrain

80 Amberwing

A tortoiseshell she-cat with a strong amber gaze...

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