Coolest and Prettiest Warrior Cats Names That Don't Exist


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61 Lavaglow

Umm Cats Dunno What Lava is

Beautiful name, I amagine a flame colored she-cat with white tip of the tail and paws! - Streamfall of MoonClan

62 Echofire

She would be a dark brown mottled cat with red specks and stripes around her back and hind legs. She has dark orange eyes with small brown flecks. She starts life as a kitty pet with her brother Max a gray tom with green eyes. They lived with four two legs. Max loved and enjoyed living with two legs. He liked being petted and being groomed. Echokit on the other hand spent most of her time outside trying to catch butterflies, squirrels, or hissing at the tabby next door. WindClan first noticed her sneaking up on a toad. Leaf star leader of WindClan didn't want to take Echokit at first. So they waited watched for a few moons. Then finally decided to approach. They padded over. Echokit didn't even hesitate to accept. Max had watched all of this from a window. He knew where his sister needed to be and they would see each again one time or another.

That's so pretty! I'm thinking of an amber she cat with misty leaf green eyes.

63 Bloodbird V 1 Comment
64 Willowmist V 2 Comments
65 Echosky V 2 Comments
66 Laurelshine
67 Hawkshade

This is mine. He's from my second story. Even though the story sucked butt, the names were cool.

This is an awesome name, Hawkfrost x Mapleshade ship name! -WolvesNight

68 Amberleaf

Isn't that a shadow clan warrior in Yellowfang's Secret?

Ya Amberleaf is real, she's in Yellowfang's secret

THis name already exists.

I made one similar to this named Amberheart/star in an RP with my friends

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69 Peachfrost

Ahem, do cats even know what peaches are? Even so, nice name.

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70 Snowdapple

I'm thinking Gray and black she cat with white specks dappling her fur she should have clear-ish blue eyes. Know what I mean?

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71 Feathercloud
72 Bramblestorm

You do know that this is a title of a book? ! But good job!

Nearly thought it was Bramblestar's Storm lol

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73 Hollyflame

It sounds so beautiful

74 Fawnleap

This one is quite pretty... I imagine a fawn leaping over a small river in a autumn forest... BEAUTIFUL

75 Lilyfeather

I will use this in my book!

76 Bramblethorn V 1 Comment
77 Emberstrike

A dark orange she-cat who earned the name by striking a cat who attacked the leader! I absolutly love it!

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78 Leafsong V 1 Comment
79 Sundapple

HONESTLY WHY ISN'T ANYONE COMMENTING ON THIS ONE?! I LOVE THIS NAME! I can imagine a beautiful dappled golden she-cat with hazel colored eyes! I think she would be good in ThunderClan! ~ Gingersplash of SnowClan

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80 Leafshine

Pretty but she's in Tallstar's Revenge

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