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61 Dovestream

I think an elegant pale gray she-cat with beautiful blue eyes and white paws

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62 Windsong
63 Echolight V 1 Comment
64 Echocloud

Sounds like a beautiful, Snow White, gentle she cat. She gets a mate and has three kits, Riverkit, Bluekit and rockkit. She dies on her children's apprentice ceremony, when Riverkit gets her apprentice name some rogues attack. She gets attacked and dies from a big wound on the neck. She guides her kits along the right path and stays beside them until they join starclan. She also grants her kits a long life, but unfortunately she made their lives too long and fades away, never spending any real time with her kits. I might make a fanfic out of this

Love the name! The story is also great!
- Skyheart

65 Clearsong
66 Patchstrike

Hey, this thing is sorta getting down to the nice names! Never thought that would happen! -The creator of this name

Haters gonna hate. this name was a randomized thing that I got on a warriors game. I loved it, and he is now an O.C.

67 Sunstorm
68 Mapledawn
69 Hawkscry

A reddish, brown scuffed, glossy tom with bright green eyes like translucent dew on morning leaves.
His father is EagleFeather and his mother is Jaysong. He has a sister named Owlkit. When Hawkscry was a kit, his sister Owlkit was killed by a treacherous WolfClan cat named FoxWatcher. EagleFeather was extremely upset that his kit had been killed and he couldn't stop him. Hawkkit was left by himself in the den.
When Hawkpaw was nearly a warrior, he still grieved the loss of Owlkit. He could just make out when he opened his eyes the tawny she kit with bright golden eyes. One chilly morning, Wolfstrike and Spiderleg were watching Hawkpaw closely.
Hawkpaw heard a yowl and came running to the scene...

70 Silentstream
71 Lavaglow

Umm Cats Dunno What Lava is

Beautiful name, I amagine a flame colored she-cat with white tip of the tail and paws! - Streamfall of MoonClan

72 Echofire

She would be a dark brown mottled cat with red specks and stripes around her back and hind legs. She has dark orange eyes with small brown flecks. She starts life as a kitty pet with her brother Max a gray tom with green eyes. They lived with four two legs. Max loved and enjoyed living with two legs. He liked being petted and being groomed. Echokit on the other hand spent most of her time outside trying to catch butterflies, squirrels, or hissing at the tabby next door. WindClan first noticed her sneaking up on a toad. Leaf star leader of WindClan didn't want to take Echokit at first. So they waited watched for a few moons. Then finally decided to approach. They padded over. Echokit didn't even hesitate to accept. Max had watched all of this from a window. He knew where his sister needed to be and they would see each again one time or another.

That's so pretty! I'm thinking of an amber she cat with misty leaf green eyes.

73 Amberwing

A tortoiseshell she-cat with a strong amber gaze...

74 Dapplebird
75 Bloodbird V 1 Comment
76 Rainbowfur

I see a she-cat with every color a cat could have splattered onto her pelt witch gave her the name Rainbowfur - Marshmellow

Rainbow cannot be one... No cat has a rainbow pelt.

No. Just... No.

Oooh yeah she's like the long lost daughter of Firestar and sandstorm and she like died at birth but she was special so like she was sent back to the mortal world to save her father from the storm and like that's why she has rainbow wings, eyes, stripes, spots and white and rainbow ears, and swirls of gold and silver and rainbow tail and clear rainbow wings and like she had the most powerful prophecies and powers because she was sent from StarClan so like she has alll the powers of the stars and alll the leaders combined and like this one time she killed 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cats in like every clan and she is the most powerful cat ever in the history of warriors and like she can kill something in one tiny swipe and like she is the most popular cat ever and everyone everywhere loves her and the toms all want to marry her and she's had like 80 mates and like 200 kits abe she can't like do whatever she wants and she can't ever get hurt because like she has infinite ...more

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77 Laurelshine
78 Tigerpool

In my mind, I see an unsual dark mackerel tabby. Orange eyes. She would be screeching for help in the claws of a WindClan warrior. She would be fierce, only trying to make herself known to the Clans. Later, winning a fight to a badger, she earned her name Tigerpool. But before, she had trained to be a warrior at 3 moons under Brokenstar's rule. She supported the idea which made her mother, Rosethorn, believe she poisoned her kits. After becoming a warrior she became vicious and tried to be just like Brokenstar. She began to eat less, wanting to make herself look lean, training every day to make herself faster and stronger. She even started telling off Yellowfang when Brokenstar had said, " StarClan will do nothing to stop me, old cat! I have made their Clan glorious! Let them try! " Rosethorn sadly realized that her first daughter was becoming nothing more than a dark bystander. She knew Brokenstar would never love Tigerpool back but did nothing to stop her. Brokenstar, finally ...more

79 Twilightdusk
80 Hawkshade

This is mine. He's from my second story. Even though the story sucked butt, the names were cool.

This is an awesome name, Hawkfrost x Mapleshade ship name! -WolvesNight

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