Coolest and Prettiest Warrior Cats Names That Don't Exist


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121 Redears
122 Violetclaw

I think of a purple-red tom with deep blue eyes. (Deep as in Very dark.) - Starstar

123 Mistymoon
124 Ashears V 1 Comment
125 Bonypelt
126 Moonstrike

A very calming yet fierce name. I picture a small, feisty young she-cat with a silver tabby coat and white paws, chest, and tail-tip. Dark blue eyes. For some reason I think this name would be that of a RiverClan cat

127 Windsheer

This isn't how to train your dragon people!

128 Snowfluff
129 Nutstorm
130 Nightshade
131 Sleekpaws
132 Frostbite
133 Flareflower

That actually sounds beautiful!

I picture a bright ginger she-cat with pale green eyes. A great mother and warrior. Very inquisitive, mindful, and kind. Mother to kits with names probably like Blazekit, Redkit, and Gingerkit.

134 Leaffall

Leaffall is what the cats call Autumn so I don't think they would call a cat it.

135 Streamfall
136 Hawkfeather
137 Berrymoon

"Moon" cannot be one because the specialty of the moonstone and moonpool... sorry!

138 Breezeflower
139 Brookwhisper

Maybe a silver she-cat with unusual green eyes?

140 Amberwing

A tortoiseshell she-cat with a strong amber gaze...

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