Top Ten Coolest R.E.M. Songs


The Top Ten

1 Circus Envy

An awesome riff, lo-fi sound, and a catchy beat make this track worth listening to 9 million times. - Pony

2 Harborcoat

My favorite R.E.M. song. It has jangly, quick guitar riffs, a bouncy rhythm section, and an overall good vibe. I love it. - Pony

The best R.E.M song, such a pretty sound. Perfect jangle.

3 Leave

An amazing song; the siren is kind of annoying but it has a great effect. The song builds up to epicness, and that's why it's so cool. - Pony

4 Drive

This is the opening song to one of the greatest albums of the 90s. The riff and vocals are very haunting, and sets the stage for the mood of the album. - Pony

5 What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Ths song has a very catchy guitar riff. "enough said. - Pony

6 Losing My Religion

This one's a classic, awesome song. Peter Buck's mandolin is the best part, while Michael Stipe's vocals are great. Overall a great song. - Pony

7 Pop Song 89

The riff is a little weird but very good, and the chorus is catchy as hell. - Pony

8 Strange Currencies

These words, you will be mine. This song is somewhat dramatic, but it's a great slow jam for R.E.M. - Pony

9 Supernatural Superserious

This is off of R.E.M.'s Accelerate. This song is a great song, because the song offers a hard rock vibe to them. - Pony

10 Uberlin

One of their final singles they ever released, it is also one of the most poignant. - Pony

The Contenders

11 Fall on Me
12 Driver 8

The opening riff is awesome. - JCHOW

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