Top Ten Coolest Samurai Pizza Cats Characters

The Top Ten Coolest Samurai Pizza Cats Characters

1 Bad Bird

I read that if the series continued, Speedy would trust Good Bird to take his place as leader of the SPC/KNT team

Karamaru (Good Bird) Becoming Leader of the Nyanki Team If Anything Happens to Yattarō (Speedy)

2 Carla (Okara)

If the series continued, she would play a huge role of the story

3 Jerry Atric (Karasu Gennarisai)
4 Dr. Purple

I read that Dr. Purple was going to be the main villain of the second season; however, the show got cancelled

I want to see him in the anime series

5 Great Warrior
6 Speedy Cerviche
7 Polly Esther
8 Meowzma O'Tool
9 Guido Anchovy
10 Spritz T. Cat

The Contenders

11 Francine

The creators stated they were planning to have her get her own armor and put on the field with the cats and good bird

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