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1 The Girls' Room

This was so funny There was Amber, the popular one; Sheila, the tough one, Tammy, the exchange student from Tennessee; and Debbie...she liked eggs - MickeyMouse

2 Judge Trudy

This parody of Judge Judy put the power in the hands of kids who brought adult authority figures to court, like their own parents! Trudy always sided with the kid, no matter what, leaving the adult to be pummeled with garbage from the folks in the crowd. Of course, this sketch was incomplete without the dancing lobsters

I miss this show and, they both need to return - MickeyMouse

3 Amanda's Jacuzzi

Literally Amanda chillin with famous people in a jacuzzi, funny as hell - MickeyMouse

4 Blockblister

, this is a sketch that only those of us who was born in the 90s remember the days of Blockbuster. This parody of a bootleg, off-brand video store was so hilarious. They never had the real video the customers wanted, just rip offs that were "much better - MickeyMouse

5 Penelope Taynt

Penelope Taynt. Amanda's obsessive number one fan, she is the best character on the show - MickeyMouse

6 Hillbilly Moment

This sketch was pretty offensive to poor folks from the south but very funny - MickeyMouse

7 Moody's Point

Moody's Point was the bomb. It was a hilarious parody of a teen soap opera, watch it on YouTube if you want to laugh - MickeyMouse

8 Mr. Oldman

Prank calls at their finest or saddest but very cool - MickeyMouse

9 Totally Kyle

I don't know how Drake Bell didn't constantly break character when he was doing this sketch. Seriously, it was so ridiculous. Hilarious but I want to know what he was thinking when they came up with this stuff. - MickeyMouse

10 Crazy Courtney

All I have to say is mwa-ha
Enjoy this list, if you want more lists like this follow me, have a nice day people - MickeyMouse

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1. Judge Trudy
2. The Girls' Room
3. Moody's Point
1. The Girls' Room
2. Blockblister
3. Penelope Taynt


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