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1 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana


This song can destroys Hulk! - CedreticFomento

It was the best song in the world

Smells like POOP, it's so dirty, oh udfbgfnksd

2 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

I see a little silhouetto of a man


This song is SO AMAZING! Everything about it is awesome! Cannot recommend it (and all Queen music, frankly) enough!

This is a completely different style of music, comprised of many styles, and FREDDIE MERCURY THE GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIME WITH A 4 OCTAVE VOCAL RANGE 4!

3 Lose Yourself - Eminem Lose Yourself - Eminem

It is awesome

It is amazingly cool! The lyrics rock! A great work from M.

Eminem is the best rapper of all time and this is the best song by Eminem. A must listen song for any hip hop / rap fan

The beat is just AMAZING!

4 Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

i love it

Such a good song

One of my favorite Michael Jackson song

His sleek and softly dark voice, his amazing style, think the white tux, gloves and hat just exudes awesomeness

5 In the End - Linkin Park

it's epic

Not the best Linkin Park song as being a Linkin Park fan I know this is far from the best Linkin Park song and numb isn't the best Linkin Park song either the best songs by Linkin Park are non of the singles

In the end is so awesome song. One of the best song ever

Superb song by Linkin Park. It is nothing to say but I have to tell this is best song ever. The combination of music lines are awesome.

6 Beat It - Michael Jackson

This song is too COOL for this list. Love you MJ

Beat it beat it

The coolest thing about this song is the guitar solo by Eddie van hallen - Ajkloth


7 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Ah no, who put Justin Bieber's "Baby" on here. Whoever did does not know about this giant masterpiece. It is claimed by most fans of rock n roll as the single best song of all time.

Is this a joke? 7th? This song was made by divinity. It is HANDS DOWN the greatest song of all time.

Stairway to Heaven ranks #2 on Best Songs of All Time, and Led Zeppelin #1 on greatest rock bands. - Alkadikce

The lyrics, the vocals, the arrangement and Jimmy Page guitar.. Best song of all time. Period.

Chris Brown over Led Zeppelin? Seriously?

8 Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters

I agree with whoever said this list is random. I wouldn't necessarily call Smells Like Teen Spirit the coolest song, I think that In The End is a much more cool song than stairway to heaven and bohemian rhapsody, I know that those two are only that high up because they are like the two most popular songs ever. Anyways, the foos are the G.O.A.T of post-grunge music and this song is very cool and I don't know why nickelback is in the top ten. I feel like a lot of other songs should have made the top ten for example: The Kids Aren't Alright -The Offspring, Holiday- Green Day, Otherside -Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Way I am - Eminem, Radioactive(or Demons) -Imagine Dragons, All my life -Foo Fighters, Savior - Rise Against, I hate everything about you - Three Days Grace, So Cold -Breaking Benjamin, The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin, This love - Maroon 5, Sabotage- Beastie Boys, Till I collapse -Eminem, BYOB - System of a Down, Chop Suey! - System Of A Down, Faint -Linkin Park, Boulevard ...more - Revrad

This is the best song I have ever listened

Most random list I've ever seen.

9 Walk - Pantera

BA metal song, strong bass guitar

Currently hooked on this song and just think it is a super badass song! It's guitar riff just makes you bob your head to it and the vocals are deep and well-pitched. Coolest song if all time in my book..


10 Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

Definitely a song of epic proportions that deserves not to be passed up. This is probably their 2nd best song and makes you feel like you are stomping through a football field like a badass.

Why are Eminem, Lil Wayne, Chris brown and Bruno mars ahead of this! - EthansProfile

I thought this was a cool songs list half the songs don't even count as cool.

Great song to play during marathon sex


The Newcomers

? Nightrain - Guns N' Roses
? You Could Be Mine - Guns N' Roses

The Contenders

11 Rock and Roll All Nite - Kiss

Over rated, obnoxious, overly simple and pretty much annoying. If they didn't have the make up and costumes on stage-no one would have cared or remembered them. Musicianship was to say the least, lackluster.

Um dude, This isn't "Most Overrated Songs". Your on the wrong list mate - Mumbizz01


12 Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

The godfather of heavy metal!
The prince of darkness!
Ozzy should be way up there

oh yes! - ParasN2000

13 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

It's a '60s song, therefore it's cool, everything about the 60s is cool, it's my favourite decade. No, I'm not wearing nostalgia goggles, how do I know, because I wasn't alive in the '60s, therefore I can't be nostalgic about it, but I've seen pictures and movies of it so I know what it was like, and the fashion and music was really cool.


14 Turn Up the Music - Chris Brown

My fave my name is Amber I'm telling you that because of your song

He is awesome

Super cool and great dance moves.


15 For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica

Cliff burton is so coool rip my guy

16 Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns N' Roses

A greatest classical mind blowing melodies on rock history...


17 Breezin' - George Benson
18 99 Luftballons - Nena

If you know how to speak and understand German its really good

You do know there's an English version, right? I mean - I prefer the German version, but we can pretty much get what the song says by listening to the translation. - andtheskyfell

19 Side of a Bullet - Nickelback

Not even nickelback likes nickelback!

Why does no one like Nickleback?

Because they're overproduced, uninspired, homogeneous swill. - andtheskyfell

Uh... no. Nickelback has two good songs. Not this one.

20 The Trooper - Iron Maiden
21 B.Y.O.B. - System of a Down
22 The Pretender - Foo Fighters
23 Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
24 Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones

I love the sitar... along with great vocals.

Very sad if you know what it really means, but great song.

What it really means, aka the intentional fallacy. Interpret what the song says, not what the artists says the song says. - andtheskyfell

25 Master of Puppets - Metallica
26 Thriller - Michael Jackson

This should easily be in the top 10!

This song is fun. and I agree Michael Jackson is the winner of this list! It should be higher!

Michael jackson is the winner of this list!

This is one of MJ's best, without a doubt. It's got great beat that you can dance to and a cool voice-over by the legendary Vincent Price. Even the music video is pretty cool.

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27 Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
28 Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top
29 Grenade - Bruno Mars

This dude has no talent he uses auto tune and doesn't play an instrument

Amazing song by Bruno mars! Just the best - shafirizvi

Bruno's voice is just so calming and he's one of the few singers with real talent out there

I hope you chose this

30 Alive - P.O.D.
31 Mr. Brightside - The Killers
32 Damage, Inc. - Metallica
33 Ace of Spades - Motorhead
34 Fireflies - Owl City

The music is so lovely. The way Adam sing the words and the backing sound is so awesome

Cool! This guy is so imaginative. but I don't know why he is not so famous, I mean compared to other artist. Great song, it really deserve the crown.

beautiful - LowMiner50

35 Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

This is the coolest song I've ever heard! And it's got one of the fastest solos by Syn!

36 The World Is Mine - supercell & Hatsune Miku

Vocaloids have amazing songs! This song is also one of the originals and by one of the best vocaloids! Miku should be known by all people. It should be everywhere! So, hurray for vocaloids!

Love vocaloid its absolutely amazing and stunning! There better be love is war!

Tell your world is so much better

Vocaloids are amazing amd miku is the best man she is so cool leeks miku and her music are the best

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37 Little Green Bag - George Baker
38 Back In Black - AC/DC

The best song of all time

It's so amazing

39 Let Love Be Your Energy - Robbie Williams

This song is amazing and the coolest in the list.

40 September - Earth, Wind and Fire
41 Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

This song is pure awesomeness! It's truly sad that it's this low on the list, but us My Chemical Romance fans are working on it!

42 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

Wow... how many years before the rest was this made, and how many years is it still ahead. This kind of rating shows the poor appreciation of real music existing in society today!

This is such a cool and relaxing song. Should be higher.

43 Hot Blooded - Foreigner
44 Shout - Otis Day & The Knights
45 Monster - Skillet
46 Viva la Vida - Coldplay

I like minecraft version - LowMiner50

47 Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band

I hear my dad play this song a lot on the computer. He really likes this song and so does my mom.

I hate country but zac brown is a great musician

Fried chicken yum xDDD

This song is amazing :) :O :0 :o :E :I ;-;

48 Hotel California - Eagles

It's a great song I just wish that it was closer to the top of the list.

49 Stronger - Kanye West
50 Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

Again and again... - Strobo

The coolest song ever. My car has one cd full of just this track.

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