Top 10 Coolest Spiders

Spiders might be a bit terrifying, but even if they make you want to run in the other direction, there's no denying that these ones are pretty cool. Vote for the one that you think is the coolest.

The Top Ten

1 Spiny Orb Weaver Spiny Orb Weaver

I should really run away far from this list.I hate spiders. - zxm

2 Peacock Spider Peacock Spider

In addition to their beautiful appearance, the male spider dances to impress its mate. - jerk4life

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3 Assassin Spider

These arachnids have got their name since they dine on other spiders. - jerk4life

4 Long-Horned Orb Weaver
5 Happy Face Spider Happy Face Spider

That weird smile face on it's back makes it unique - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Hawaiian Spiders with a funny Happy Face on its abdomen. - jerk4life

This spider makes my fear of spiders less feared - P-51IsDaBest

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6 Myrmarachne Plataleoides

This one is deadly with a powerful sting. - jerk4life

7 Scorpion-Tailed Spider
8 Ladybird Mimic
9 Bird Dung Crab Spider

These spiders pretend to be bird poo. - jerk4life

10 Mirror Spider

The Contenders

11 Net-Casting Ogre-Face Spider

This rare variety of spiders actually casts a web at the prey to trap them. - jerk4life

12 Diving Bell Spider

It builds a pocket of silk on its body. - jerk4life

13 Golden Orb Weaver
14 Twig Spider
15 Ravine Trapdoor Spider Ravine Trapdoor Spider
16 Black Widow Spider Black Widow Spider
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