Top 10 Coolest Spyro the Dragon Characters


The Top Ten

1 Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon

So agree I prefer Elijah wood voice acting spyro.
fun fact remember Frodo Baggins. sound familiar it's the same guy.

2 Ripto

One of my favorite villains, but definitely not cool. - nabbithero54

3 Gnasty Gnorc Gnasty Gnorc
4 Malefor Malefor
5 Cynder

I'm referring to the legends of spyro dawn of the dragonshes so cute.she has a cute voice. is it wered if I have a crush I don't know...

6 Agent 9
7 Hunter the Cheetah

If any of you have played Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, and played the mission where you help Hunter take down EarthShapers with his bow and arrow, you'll see why he's one of the coolest characters. - nabbithero54

He’s definitely the coolest in my opinion, but only in “Ripto’s Rage” and “Year of the Dragon”. He kind of got ruined in The Legend of Spyro trilogy, because a lot of what made him so lovable in the classics was taken. - 3DG20

8 Gulp

I don't like how they made Gulp talk in Spyro 4, but in Spyro 2 he was a very fun boss and much cooler than Ripto. Ripto is enjoyable, but he doesn't qualify as "cool." - nabbithero54

9 Crush
10 Sparx

The Contenders

11 Dr. Shemp
12 Save Fairy
13 Buzz
14 Sheila
15 Skabb
16 Asher
17 Scorch
18 Elora
19 Jacques
20 Ember
21 Metalhead
22 Dark Spyro
23 Sgt. James Byrd
24 Bianca
25 Zoe
26 Baruti
27 Red
28 The Golem
29 Toasty
30 Spike
31 Sorceress
32 Bentley
33 Moneybags
34 Professor
35 Bartholomew
36 Ineptune
37 Ice King
38 Electric King
39 Stone Sentinel
40 Arborick
41 Elemental Dragon
42 Sorcerer
43 Ice Minion
44 Fire Minion
45 Assassin
46 Gaul
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