Top 10 Star Trek Alien Races

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1 The Borg

The Borg are the best. I mean, the borg cubes, if you look on memory alpha, have weapon arsenals that replicate weapons that they think are best for assimilating the enemy. They are one of the VERY few species that can go into transwarp (warp 10+) and have the most complex history/story line. (Connections with the caeliar) If a borg cube and a cyberman got into a fight, the borg would get shot, die, and another borg would beam in and get shot, stare at the cyberman blankly, and assimilate it.

What is better than a cybernetically enhanced, half biological, half machine, humanoid!

They are half-artificial half-fleshy drones part of an assimilation collective. Locutus was a Borg.

Cool but also terrifying

2 Vulcans

Many Star Trek series got an important Vulcan character (Spock, T'Pol, Tuvok, etc.) and there's a reason why.
With Spock in TOS it was the first time in history of television an alien character got portrayed as an actual character, not some kind of monster to defeat. It was groundbreaking.
In huge part because of this character popularity, Star Trek was renewed and eventually gave us all the other movies and series. And because of the popularity of the race and the character (Spock), they created their cousins the Romulans, some of the coolest antagonists. So the Vulcan race is very important.

They are logical smart and emotionless and completely awesome #1 material there awesome.

They have pointy ears and are advocates of logic over emotions. Spock is a Vulcan.

We refuse to fight for the entertainment of an alien species!

3 Klingons

The strongest species as well as hardened species through the years. Ale is often helpful to them. Would be first selection to the Starfleet Humans as a close second. Klingons have a lot to offer and the table is set instantly when are around. As Chewbacca they do not enjoy defeat even by smarter opponents.

Today is a good day to die!

They are a mean looking warrior species. Worf is a Klingon.

4 Andorians

They have blue skin, white hair and antennas. Shran is an Andorian.

5 Founders

Also known as the Changelings. I like that name.

They are shape-shifters. Odo is a Founder.

6 Cardassians

Not only the brilliant (-ly acted) characters of Garek and Gol Dukat, but the species as a whole is a brlliant addition to the ST universe, and a great vehicle to tell stories.

What really makes them unique is their militaristic and unforgiving societies which contradicts the Cardassians unconditional love and compassion for their own Families

Essentially replaced the Romulans in TNG and became on-off adversaries in DS9. Slimy and treacherous but somehow extremely noble. Garak is my favourite Trek character.

For Cardassia all the way! Garak and Dukat are Cardassians; what more could you need? Nothing!

They are reptilian looking enemies of Bajor. Garak is a Cardassian.

7 Q

Q is amazing and should be in the top three. He's so funny but he always ends up being beat by picard!

The Q are a continuum of seemingly eternal and omnipotent beings. Q is one of the Q.

He's fascinating

8 Ferengis

They are profit seekers with huge ear lobes. Quark is a Ferengi.

9 Gorn

The dinosaur- looking alien that Kirk faces in the classic TOS-episode: "Arena"

The Gorn looks like my mother-in-law. lol.

I jjust love these aliens

10 Romulans

They are distant cousins of the Vulcans but are much meaner.

A people of extremes love it

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11 Jem'Hadar

They are mean looking warrior slaves of the Founders.

12 Talaxians
13 Vorta
14 Species 8472

These are awesome aliens from the "fluidic space". They should be in the top 5.

They actually look like aliens this time.

15 Xindi
16 Bajorans
17 Hirogen
18 Metrons
19 Breen
20 Trill
21 Salt Monsters

With the marvelous ability to shapeshift in to something from their victims own minds, these extra-terrestrial sirens were almost undetectable, and armed with a deadly touch.

Nancy was a Salt Monster in disguise.

22 Iconians

Ancient aliens, super advanced, can travel anywhere they want. Six eyes and 7ft tall, they are are absolutely BEAST! Not to mention they made a humongous Sphere so that ship could travel anywhere!

23 Pakleds

Pakleds are my spirit animal! Under education on my FB page is Pakled engineering institute! Because I am smart.

We look for things, things that make us go

24 Betazoid
25 Cheron
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