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1 Mind Control

Laugh out loud now this would be a great power also with mind reading

2 Flying

I loved this list and item, James! - HezarioSeth

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3 Immortality

Live as long as you want. Forever even. - MasterJamezZXQ

4 Super Intelligence

What's cooler than Rick Sanchez?

5 Super Speed

Because sonic can :) also in real life super strength is useless you can't DO anything with it unless you were in a desert

6 Super Strength
7 Teleportation

Totally my favorite power. So useful!

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8 Force Field

The Coolest think ever. You can block yourself from any attack plus you can use it in any way Ironman uses the force field. - Kiteretsunu

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9 Time Manipulation

What about stopping time itself...?

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10 Telepathy

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? Brainshock

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11 Intangibility

Can go through solid platform. - MasterJamezZXQ

12 Invisibility

Very useful. This alongside teleportation are perfect. And I already have super intelligence. - PositronWildhawk

You could go to your friends and scare them so bad

13 Super Agility
14 Super Stretchiness
15 Talking to Animals
16 Fire Manipulation
17 Precognition
18 Elemental Manipulation
19 Steal Other Powers
20 Echolocation
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1. Immortality
2. Mind Control
3. Super Speed
1. Mind Control
2. Super Speed
3. Super Strength
1. Mind Control
2. Flying
3. Super Stretchiness

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