Coolest Terraria Bosses


The Top Ten

1 Moon Lord

He is the final boss duh.

2 The Twins

Two giant eyeballs hat are mechanical. OH YEAH

3 Skeletron Prime

A giant robot skull. WITH A CHAINSAW, A LASER, A GRENADE LAUNCHER... and a vice. Not to mention that if you take too long to kill him, he takes you out in one hit.

4 Brain of Cthulhu
5 Duke Fishron

He sommuns tornadoes and he’s awesome

6 Queen Bee
7 King Slime
8 Plantera
9 Eye of Cthulhu
10 Cthulhu

The Contenders

11 Lunatic Cultist

He may be the smallest boss, but "size matters not." Cool design? Check. I mean come on, he looks like Plague Knight! Hard attacks? Check. He may not have the highest stats, but his attacks can be quite difficult. Good boss fight? Let's see... He's always moving, can copy himself for more firepower, summons a giant dragon, has the aforementioned cool attacks, and good boss music. Put all of this together for an epic penultimate battle.

12 The Towers

Their status as a "boss" is debatable, but we have four ancient alien powers capable of turning the very land into a warzone. They summon difficult enemies, but what makes them really cool is the music and the background during their fights.

13 Wall of Flesh
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