Top Ten Coolest Things to Find in a Treasure Chest

Imagine how cool would it be if you found a treasure chest with these items instead of normal treasures (like coins). Oh, and thanks to NikBrusk for helping me to make this list!

The Top Ten

1 1,000,000,000,000 dollars

That amount of money wouldn't be enough for me. I want more! LOL - zxm

If I had get that money then I'd stop thinking about my career,LOL - catwalk

2 100 concert tickets

If it's Metallica's or Iron Maiden's then I would take them all without a single doubt.If it's Justin Bieber's then I will throw them away.No,It would be more wise if I sell them to crazy Bieber's fans.I'll make some money. - zxm

3 A fossil of a prehistoric creature scientists haven't discovered yet

That would be so cool and I can brag at school! 😅

4 A dragon egg

No, it wouldn't be that much of dangerous.I will tame it and help protecting the world from evils like Donald Trump or Justin Bieber - zxm

5 An Ironman suit

Now that's a good thing - zxm

6 Every album from your favorite singers/bands

Yes.I want them - zxm

7 Pokeballs with Pokemons in them

love it

8 All kind of gemstones

I love all kinds of beautiful and shiny rocks, so this would be like a dream come true


9 An iPad
10 Loads of Hot Pockets

Wow - zxm

The Contenders

11 Weed
12 V Bucks
13 Golden Freddy
14 Old coins

I think you could find jewels because pirates buried them a long time ago!

15 Knight Armor
16 Renegade Raider
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