Stop it. Just Stop it Right Now.

I've already posted three times about this, but it can't be stressed enough. Anyone who puts themself on a "best toptenners" list or makes a list about themself is narcissistic. With posting a list about yourself, you are falsely assuming that people will care about the details of your life (with a few exceptions, of course), but when you say that you're the best person, you are clearly stating that you're self-centered. If someone else posts it, that means other people agree with you and you're not just desperately trying to make yourself popular. People who do this on a list are no less self-centered than teenage girls who are taking selfies every second of every day but aren't part of a clique (don't get me wrong, I'm not calling them out. This is just an analogy). But anyway, you want to be on the Coolest TopTenners list, make a lot of lists and comment on people's lists enough and other people will find you worthy. TheTopTens is not a place for you to desperately try to become popular, it's a place for people to vote for who or what they think it's best. Think about that the next time you post a list.


Good point songsta - RockStarr

When I made a list about myself, I made it so if anyone would like to know me more, then you'd go to the list. Why on a list? Because I made the list, and if you want to put an item there, then go ahead. That's your perspective. The one that's number one or ranked high means that's your most prominent fact, in your perspective and in everyone else's perspective. It's not that narcissist. And when you put yourself in the list, I don't think it's that bad. You put yourself, then nobody votes for you? Then you're not deserving to be part of the top 20% at least. I may be narcissist at times, but I don't really do it in a bad and annoying way. - visitor

I never add myself to this list! - ChuckECheese