Pretty Little Rant S02E04: Narcissism

Hi. I apologize for making you wait so much due to TheTopTens: Shopping Competition. I first wanted to make 20 episode of that serie but stopped because of the lack of time and inspiration. Anyway, let's get started for another season of the serie.

We all have a side that make us think that we are the best, the coolest, the fastest, the hottest, ect. However, some people's side is overpowering us and make us very narcissic people. Some of them are going way too far.

The creator of the list made a quite cool idea of a list until it was only to add himself at number 1. WHAT THE WHAT?!? This takes thinking you're better than the others in another level! For some lists like that such as ''users who like total drama the most'' or ''users who hate robot chicken'', I can tolerate this because it doesn't really features a quality or a flaw from the others (best, worst, coolest, most admirable, etc). If the creator added himself at number 10 or even number 5, but 1, really? That proves three things:
1.That you love yourself
2.That you think you're the best
3.That you are really narcissic

Hopefully, I've seen many worse than that. I've seen in the internet lead singers from bands that pretends to be the only member of the band or even being the band. I've seen people saying all the time that they are better than anyone and they don't need those people.

It can be a good thing to love yourself and to trust yourself a lot but sometimes, it's going way too far...

Next episode is a pretty little rant about Robot Chicken and this is a long rant...