Coolest Toys for Kids 4 and Up


The Top Ten

1 Beyblades

They spin around. I have the dragon one. It is the best one ever!

2 Legos

Legos rule

3 Ben Ten

Every single continent, especially africa, is abusing the products of ben ten, holy freak man

4 Transformers
5 Tamagotchi
6 Nano Pets
7 Toy Cars
8 RC Cars
9 Magnetics
10 Bella Dancerella

I love being a ballerina! 💖

The Contenders

11 Ksi Meritos

I love the Nerlies! ❤️

12 Disney Princess Magic Talking Nursery

How pretty!

13 Play Doh
14 Nerf Guns
15 My Little Pony Sing & Dance Pinkie Pie
16 Baby Alive
17 Littlest Pet Shop Pets
18 Fur Berries
19 My Little Pony Play & Carry Skywishes
20 My Little Pony So Soft Newborn Pinkie Pie

I love baby ponies! ❤️

21 My Little Pony So Soft Newborn Cheerilee
22 Pixos
23 Bendaroos
24 Lalaloopsy
25 FIJIT Friends
26 Zoobles
27 Glimmies
28 Doodle Bear
29 Care Bears
30 My Little Pony Crystal Rainbow Castle
31 My Little Pony Cotton Candy Café
32 My Little Pony Twinkle Twirl's Dance Studio
33 My Little Pony Butterfly Island
34 My Little Pony Lovely Locks Salon
35 Teddy Ruxpin
36 Chikihadas
37 Cupcakes Dolls
38 My Little Pony So Soft Newborn Sweetie Belle
39 My Little Pony So Soft Newborn Rainbow Dash
40 Disney Princess Magical Talking Kitchen
41 Beat Bugs Musical Submarine
42 Beat Bugs Singing Figures
43 Snow & Stella Plush Bear
44 Floam

Floam is stretchy! ^-^

45 Gak

Gak is gooey! ^-^

46 Les Piwis Talking Plush Toys

How sweet!

I love them! ❤️

47 Les Piwis Talking Interactive Toys

I love Les Piwis!

How cute!

48 Les Piwis Interactive Dance Mat with DVD

I love to dance!

How wonderful!

49 Beat Bugs Plush Dolls

I love to hug my plushies!

50 Beat Bugs Singing Walter Plush
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