Coolest Types of Saxophone

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1 Baritone Saxophone

Tenor is one of my favorite saxes, but absolutely nothing compares to bari. It's tone quality alone is reason enough. Well really played well, it sounds stunningly beautiful. And, in jazz, you absolutely can't have a big band without a bari, it is one of the most easily distinguishable instruments in a jazz band. It's sound in a jazz setting is really one of the best, it can't be replaced. Bari is by far the best sax

2 Tenor Saxophone Tenor Saxophone The tenor saxophone is a medium-sized member of the saxophone family, a group of instruments invented by Adolphe Sax in the 1840s.

Tenor sax is AWESOME! Sorry altos baris and sopranos tenor its the BEST. It blends the woodwind and the brass. T sax is THE BEST!

Obviously! Tenor sax is my thing! My favorite instrument - tenorsaxer435

My all time favorite instrument - SteelCity99

3 Alto Saxophone

Awesome instrument it is easy to play for first people plus it is saxy my quote for it is I AM SAXY AND I KNOW IT

4 Contrabass Saxophone

All you need to do is Google image the contrabass

5 Soprano Saxophone
6 Bass Saxophone
7 C-Soprano Saxophone
8 Sopranissimo Saxophone

No my favorite just adding it and just Google it you will find it

9 Sopranino Saxophone
10 Soprillo Saxophone

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11 C-Melody Saxophone
12 Subcontrabass Saxophone

Not my favorite just adding it Google it you will find it

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