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1 Club Penguin

Best. Has a variety of everything, games, items, friends, awesome. Best mmorpg. Anybody can play it

I love it so much fun I adopted a rainbow puffle but you can only get it if your a member but its awesome please play it!

So if you look at list of Worst virtual worlds, Club Penguin is #1? I hate it.

Steer clear of this website. Full of Disney Channel stuff and it's a waste.

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2 Poptropica

I don't really do virtual worlds anymore, but I remember having loads of fun on Poptropica. Sometimes I even go back there, just to see how things have changed.

Poptropica is pure awesomeness:-)! :-)

Poptropica is a fun world where you go on adventures on fun islands

Poptropica is a great game

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3 Binweevils

It is the first virtual world that I used and the best one I have ever used! The things that I like about are that you and a friend can make an account and go in the same bin and meet up to visit each others nests and see your pets.
It is a thousand times better than club penguin because I went on club penguin and it is an outrage it is so boring and just hasn't got anything good about it and if it has I have never noticed it and I left club penguin after 2 days. Sorry about punctuation I was rushing because I really want to go on the fabulous bin weevils.

Binweevils is the best ever because you can meet your friends in the bin and write magazines. So it helps with your english skills at the same time.

Awesome! Insparational to everyone in the entire world. Vote for it! It really does inspire!
It makes bugs sound cool

There are not any words to describe how excellent binweevils is!

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4 Animal Jam

Animal Jam and Toontown are the best games ever to me!

I am almost 15 and STILL play. It's SO good and too good to leave! I can imagine if you are new to this you might think about leaving but once you know lots about it, it becomes the best game EVER. The chat system IS annoying, like that person said but they're always updating so they're bound to add new features such as maybe improving the chat and 'buddy' system. The layout, art, items and the game in general is what makes it great. It's partly about the rares but that makes it fun too. Binweevils was great, too, until one day I tried logging in and Binweevils had deleted my account for no reason. AJ will always be the best on this list so PICK ANIMAL JAM AND JOIN QUICK SO YOU CAN GET RARE. by the way a tip is that some items say 'rare' on them but some rare items are more rare than other rare items, and some non rare items are even rarer than some rare items so you might get called a noob for a bit.

Three words. TOO. MANY. RULES. It's kind of like, take a step wrong, banned. Press a key wrong, banned. Sit around doing nothing. BANNED.

It is a kids game much better than club penguin where you can cuss - lbelle0527

Animal jam is a great game. come on GUYS! You have to admit, all the rares you can get, all the fun games, all the good friends. I don't think that MANY people are bullies on this site. Okay, so I do like roblox, and fantage, but roblox has bullies. ANYWAY GUYS AJ IS AWESOME!

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5 ToonTown

If you remember ToonTown, then you can qualify for a veterans discount.
This game was so good. Good thing it's community still lives on in ToonTown Rewritten! - Atham

The best game I ever played besides pokemon, Cp is dumb and needs a life, Toontown is epic, YOU THROW PIES AT ROBOT RUN THEM OVER BY A TRAIN OR DROP A TITANIC ON THEN HOW COOL IS that?

The absolute best of the best. The first Internet account I ever had. Kudos to ToonTown!

Toontown is awesome. Sure there is a bit of Warrior Cat players and stuff, but you barely see those anymore and there's only like one clan, and you can only find those in Chip n' Dales certain districts or TTC Vibrant Valley.

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6 Moshi Monsters

Interesting, fun and get to take care of a virtual monster.

Add me! I am called mrslittlebit - cutiepiestarlight

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7 Fantage

Please do not go on Fantage. Reasons why.
Waste of time.
Everything is expensive, even though its virtual.
A new kind of money is impossible to earn and you have to buy membership.
The prices for membership sale is $4.95 for no gold and $79.95 plus 150,000 gold.
Everyone is rude.
Non premium members are treated unfairly.
Premuim members are treated like superstars.
Almost everything is expensive!
Fantage doesn't care about its members.
If you get hacked and you haven't been paying Fantage lately They don't respond.
Fantage is very very greedy.

Don't sign up for fantage!
I signed up and I regreted it!

Angry nonmembers

I started playing it 4 years ago, and yet I still sometimes do. I love the clubhouse since my parents wont let me have an instagram yet, and the clubhouse is like instagram! Fantage is a fun game!

Why is fantage the 11th best game? It's awesome!

You r so right

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8 Pixie Hollow


I can't choose between this and Roblox. Wizard101 is my number 2, but it costs money to continue. I can't believe this isn't at the very top! Club Penguin was boring! I've played this game since 2009.

Pixie Hollow was a completely different world for all ages! Wonderful escape, wonderful community.

Best of all time. It closed, (Thanks Disney) I was Raven Rosevalley, I played on there since 2010 and had the time of my life. Closed on September 19, 2013. Worst day of my life.

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9 MovieStarPlanet

I voted for this only to say that it seems like all of the GOOD things about it are hidden. Even new features like designing clothes have no visible button in my case! And HOW do you get to your movies even? Geez, whoever created this game. Just geez. I'll complement this when, and ONLY WHEN the good features are actually VISIBLE. - TheRobertsFamily3

Literally the stupidest game ever. My friend told me about how little kids do nasty stuff on there. They even have relationships on it... and the commercials are dumb. The characters look like trash.

Movie star planet is so cool! If you are looking for a virtual world look there!

It's the best game in the world add me Selena101101

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10 Woozworld

Woozworld is drama universe. It's more of a soap opera than a virtual world. There are a bunch of bullies. Everyone is like, "You are poor, trade me rich! " It's so annoying.

I have a wooz world and it can be fun but there's a lot of drama and people hack into your account so if I were you I'd be very careful


Amazing I have one and its simply amazing!

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11 ourWorld

Our world is actually the most fun game in this list it has better graphics better clothing and better chat and filter system though the community is kinda not nice the game is overall very nice

My friend goes on ourWorld all the time and brags about how many outfits she has. - Pegasister12

I love that game so much! I play it everyday, I started playing it since I was 6 now I'm 13 - Iamcool

I love it! There are so many clothes to choose from and there are at least 100 games

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12 Build-a-bear-ville

Loved it sad it ended


This game was my childhood! I played it since I was 8 years old. My heart shattered when I found out it closed.

I loved this game to bad it is gone - lbelle0527

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13 Super Secret
14 Americangirl

A shame it closed its doors. It was a decent game. I loved playing the games and buying clothes.

You really can only play if you have an American Girl doll (which by the way cost like $115).

Awesome, you can ride horses and play games!

15 Minecraft

That is an excellent question.. Why isn't Minecraft #1.. It's the most awesome building game ever.. There is nothing in Minecraft that you can't do.. Its just plain awesome!

Minecraft should be #1! It's the best game EVER!

It is EPIC when you get used to all of the controls

What why isn't this number one?

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16 kidscom
17 Space Heroes Universe

This is the best virtual world ever!

It is really awesome!

18 Roblox

Sorry but its stupid.

YES! - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Last place? More like first! This is the best site ever made

Its kinda good but its just like Minecraft but with better graphics.0.0

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19 Dizzywood

It has been shut down for awhile but still one of the best games I've played when I was a child!

20 princesscool
21 Spark City World

I don't know whats it about yet laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud

Why is this on here?! It's the most unfair game ever! You need to be a stupid member just to access your VIP items! Also, everything is crazy expensive and all of the clothes and furniture are for Vips

The best for the girls...

Best game EVER!
If your a girl you should really play this...
But the boys when you talk to them it's a bit anoying!

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22 Tootsville
23 Stardoll

Very Fun Clubs, Contests, Shops Even International Friends! People can share their passions for example there are LOTS of Potterheads and book lovers out there! You even can get gifts! And You get to sign up for Contests and Miss Stardoll world. Very Fun! It should be in top ten

About fashion desighn your own clothes buy makup put it on have your own suite

Add me! I am called luckycherrie x - cutiepiestarlight

24 SmallWorlds
25 Neo Pets

I Don't Have Neopets But I Always Wonder What Life Is Like in Neopia

I used to go on Neopets ALL THE TIME back then. I LOVED it! I need to go back there someday. - Pegasister12

26 Star Stable
27 Wolf Quest
28 Webkinz
29 WeeWorld

Should be number one. Best game ever. Add my weemee Skylar12322

30 YoVille

Best virtual world you can trade buy clothes buy a hair get a job and much more

31 Growtopia

THIS SHOULD BE TOP 10. They do have a lot of badwords but I still like it

32 The Club (Nickelodeon)

Why The Heck Is This HERE? The Club is the Worst Virtual World of All Time, It's very boring and there are only 9 places to go, the virtual world Nicktropolis was WAY better and had hundreds of places to go, and was very fun, yet you had so many friends to make and meet, The Club sucks to extreme levels and should be taken off this list. - nelsonerico6

33 Shelter


COME ON PEOPLE! This is at the bottom?
Shelter is when you play as a badger and attempt to protect and find shelter, food, safety for your cubs.
Shelter reminds us how precious nature is and how badgers act.
Please vote! :D

34 Panfu

Why is this so low? My childhood! Plenty of things to do, secret rooms and great people! I hope it comes back.

Childhood game... I miss it, but I heard it's gonna be realesed in 2017 September 14th

35 Little Space Heroes

It is cool go up into space have a pet glow join in the fun

36 Monkey Quest

Monkey quest is Awesome everyone should play it! - KriCket33554

37 Maplestory (Pre-Big Bang)

Not to confuse with Maplestory after the Big Bang. Amazing MMO, truly felt like a whole world. - Maplestrip

38 Marapets
39 Nicktropolis

Nicktropolis was one of the best virtual worlds of all time, you went to hundreds of places and met hundreds or thousands of friends and you had fun, but then it closed and Nick replaced it with The Club, which is still the worst virtual world ever to exist, which only had 9 places to go and was very boring and unfriendly and lasted longer than Nicktropolis, Curse You Nick. - nelsonerico6

40 Transformice

Come on! Why is this #39!?!

41 Secret Bear World
42 Foo Pets

It like having your own pet you can even interact with them!

43 Bearville
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