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21 Tootsville
22 Stardoll

Very Fun Clubs, Contests, Shops Even International Friends! People can share their passions for example there are LOTS of Potterheads and book lovers out there! You even can get gifts! And You get to sign up for Contests and Miss Stardoll world. Very Fun! It should be in top ten

About fashion desighn your own clothes buy makup put it on have your own suite

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23 Roblox

Its kinda good but its just like Minecraft but with better graphics.0.0

Last place? More like first! This is the best site ever made

It should be at the top of the list, near Pixie Hollow and Toon Town!

The graphics are horrible

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24 WeeWorld V 1 Comment
25 YoVille

Best virtual world you can trade buy clothes buy a hair get a job and much more

26 SmallWorlds
27 The Club (Nickelodeon)

Why The Heck Is This HERE? The Club is the Worst Virtual World of All Time, It's very boring and there are only 9 places to go, the virtual world Nicktropolis was WAY better and had hundreds of places to go, and was very fun, yet you had so many friends to make and meet, The Club sucks balls to extreme levels and should be taken off this list. - nelsonerico6

28 Neo Pets

I used to go on Neopets ALL THE TIME back then. I LOVED it! I need to go back there someday. - Pegasister12

29 Star Stable
30 Shelter

COME ON PEOPLE! This is at the bottom?
Shelter is when you play as a badger and attempt to protect and find shelter, food, safety for your cubs.
Shelter reminds us how precious nature is and how badgers act.
Please vote! :D

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31 Panfu

Why is this so low? My childhood! Plenty of things to do, secret rooms and great people! I hope it comes back.

Childhood game... I miss it, but I heard it's gonna be realesed in 2017 September 14th

32 Webkinz
33 Little Space Heroes

It is cool go up into space have a pet glow join in the fun

34 Growtopia

THIS SHOULD BE TOP 10. They do have a lot of badwords but I still like it

35 Wolf Quest
36 Monkey Quest

Monkey quest is Awesome everyone should play it! - KriCket33554

37 Maplestory (Pre-Big Bang)

Not to confuse with Maplestory after the Big Bang. Amazing MMO, truly felt like a whole world. - Maplestrip

38 Marapets
39 Nicktropolis

Nicktropolis was one of the best virtual worlds of all time, you went to hundreds of places and met hundreds or thousands of friends and you had fun, but then it closed and Nick replaced it with The Club, which is still the worst virtual world ever to exist, which only had 9 places to go and was very boring and unfriendly and lasted longer than Nicktropolis, Curse You Nick. - nelsonerico6

40 Transformice

Come on! Why is this #39!?!

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