Top 10 Cooliest Names to Call Your Metal Band


The Top Ten

1 Thrasher

Lyrics About being a Thrash Metal Band
Genre Thrash Metal - christangrant

2 Dragonfire

Yes, definitely power metal. And some of the lyrics glorifying the mighty genre of Metal. - Metal_Treasure

Similar like Dragonforce. Obviously would be a power metal band. - zxm

Dragons! Sorry, I love dragons, have a bit of an obsession with them (and wizards and magic and basically anything fantasy or science fiction). But that'd be an awesome name for a band. - Element119

Lyrics about fighting Dragons
Genre Power Metal - christangrant

3 Eternity

Either power metal or prog metal. But anyway, it's a good name. - zxm

@christangrant - yes, Eternity was considered but when Pantera was founded they weren't a groove metal band. They eventually named the band after a car - Dimebag Darrell's car, a De Tomaso Pantera. - Metal_Treasure

Eternity, with lyrics about Time and Space... hmm, I would expect prog metal and not groove metal.
There's a Canadian prog metal /prog death metal band called Into Eternity. - Metal_Treasure

Actually this was one of the first names suggested for Pantera. Vinnie Paul has said that this was one of the names he wanted to name his band (Pantera) - christangrant

Lyrics about Time and Space
Genre Groove Metal - christangrant

4 Dragonslayer

Power metal. Good name. - zxm

Lyrics about fighting Dragons
Genre Power and Thrash Metal - christangrant

5 Gambler

Lyrics about Gambling
Genre Heavy Metal - christangrant

6 Gemini

Lyrics about Zodiac Signs
Genre Thrash Metal - christangrant

7 Zombifire

Lyrics about the undead rising
Genre Death Metal - christangrant

8 Deathtallica

Lyrics About Death
Genre Death Metal - christangrant

9 Chaotra

Lyrics about being chaotic
Genre Thrash and Death Metal - christangrant

10 Eternal Betrayer

Lyrics about treason. Genre: Thrash Metal

The Contenders

11 Futurica

Lyrics about time and the future
Genre Power Metal - christangrant

12 Obliterate

Lyrics about nuclear war. Thrash metal with some death metal elements

13 Exterminate

Death of Humnaity genre: Death metal

14 Storm Runner

Power/speed metal maybe?

15 Punisher

Lyrics about Punishing people for crimes they committed
Genre Groove Metal - christangrant

16 Winged Victory

Lyrics about glory and flying beasts. Genre: Power Metal

17 Roisin Dubh

This band would play Celtic black metal. I am naming the band after Thin Lizzy's Roisin Dubh (Black Rose). - Metal_Treasure

18 Eliminator

Lyrics about Eliminating Stuff
Genre Thrash Metal - christangrant

19 Painkiller

Lyrics about Killing Pain
Genre Speed Metal - christangrant

20 Hallowed Souls

Lyrics about Creepy mythical creatures ]
Genre Doom and Heavy Metal - christangrant

21 Metallic Assault

Lyrics about Heavy Metal
Genre Thrash and Heavy Metal - christangrant

22 Discriminator

Lyrics about Discrimniating Things
Genre Thrash Metal - christangrant

23 Metal World Order

Lyrics About Heavy Metal taking over the world
Genre Heavy Metal - christangrant

24 Gorgon Gaze
25 Dire Wolves
26 Blood-Red Dagger
27 Civilization

Lyrics about historical Civilizations
Genre Progressive Thrash Metal - christangrant

28 Witchcraft

Lyrics about spells and Witches and Wizards
Genre Groove Metal - christangrant

29 Destroyer

Lyrics about destroying stuff
Genre Groove Metal - christangrant

30 Crusher

Lyrics about crushing the enemy
Genre Groove Metal - christangrant

31 Rage Absolute

Thrash metal. Rage Absolute is a song by Annihilator - not among their best songs but the title is great for a thrash band. By the way, the name Annihilator is so awesome for a metal band, especially thrash. - Metal_Treasure

32 Golden Lies

Haha, is this supposed to be a name for a poser metal band? - Metal_Treasure

Lyrics about being a Golden Lier
Genre Glam Metal - christangrant

33 The Pirates of Metal

Lyrics about being a pirate and loving Metal
Genre Pirate Metal (Yes this a real genre) - christangrant

34 Obsolete

Lyrics About Outdated Software
Genre Heavy Metal - christangrant

35 Metal Vikings

Lyrics about being a viking and loving Metal
Genre Viking Metal (Yes this is a real genre) - christangrant

36 Resurrection

Lyrics about rebirth and fighting to the end. Genre: Power metal

37 Robopocalypse

Songs about technology taking over the world. Genre: Industrial Thrash metal

38 Reign of Terror

Lyrics dealing with historical atrocities. Genre: Heavy Metal or Symphonic Metal

39 Abomination
40 Machines of Steel
41 Rising Power

Definite choice for a punk metal band

42 Hell With Fire
43 Reaper of Misery
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