Top Ten Copycat Products

Your watching TV and then a commercial comes on and it shows a totally awesome product and it says you cant get it in the store... then you are in the toy store and you see a similar item to what you saw on that stupid commercial! The LIARS! And you read in a magazine that there is an awesome new product that just came out and is only available on the website but then you see a similar product in the store!

The Top Ten

1 Happy Nappers (compared to Pillow Pets)

If a person wants to make money off of a product then don't copy pillow pets, their too awesome. I have a frog pillow pet btw and its so awesome

2 Bratz Dolls (compared to Barbie dolls)

Why do people hate little girls toys? Toys rhyme with boys.

The stupid bratz dolls are annoying because their head is over sized and the barbie doll is a classic girls toy!

Barbie will always be the best.
Bratz are weird and have weird heads

Let's face it. All little girls' producks suck cock. I feel s sorry for everyone that received (a lot) more dislikes than likes for not liking Bratz. Heartfelt depth for the win (yeah, I said it! >:O)!

3 Zany Bandz / Stretchy Shapes (compared to Silly Bandz)

lots of people are copying silly bandz, I didn't list all of the companies because it would take up the whole title! LOLZ

4 Fake Skateboards (compared to real skateboard company skateboards)

I know a fake sk8bord when I see 1! The difference is the performance of the two, fake skateboards will not go as fast down a hill as real ones, fake skate boards will not turn ( by turn I mean lean turn) as sharp as real ones and, when you put the fake skateboard on the ground, it will make a different sound than the real one, just to name a few.

5 Knockoff Converse Shoes (Compared to Converse)
6 Mega Bloks (compared to Lego)

Mega bloks are for the kids without cool parents - james6

Mega Bloks are overrated anyway.

7 Fake Snowboards (compared to its real fiberglass brethren)

for people who can't afford the real thing, nuff said

8 Bumblebee toy dart shooter (compared to the popular Nerf guns)
9 Elf on a Shelf (compared to annalee elves)

When I was in 4th grade, everyone went bonkers over these figurines thinking that they were "Santas elves coming to visit them"

10 Fake guitars (compared to their more expensive brethrin)

going back to some peoples childhood where their lifelong dream was to be a rockstar, you can't be a rockstar with a plastic guitar!

The Contenders

11 Monster High (compared to Bratz)

It copied the BRATZ


12 Fake building apps (compared to Minecraft PE)
13 Converse (compared to Bata Bullets)

Only in NZ though, Converse is better - Catypie123

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