Top Ten Coraline Characters

That was a good movie because they have not made ​​any list, well I did

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1 The Cat

Had a mysterious edge to him. If he weren't there, the movie would've been significantly more scary. And that's saying a lot, this movie was terrifying! - keycha1n

The cat was the best because it was the very intellectual and Brian from Family Guy

He was always my favorite character. I love cats and he's like a good companion to Coraline. - Pinkarray

The Cat > Coraline

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2 Wybie Lovat

I really liked because I had the crazy hair and was very rare

I have to say, I totally and utterly agree with you. He is so hot!

3 Other Mother (Beldam)

Only a well made character could've given me nightmares like she did! - keycha1n

Imagine watching a scary movie, go to bed, and she’s hiding behind the closet with a needle.

4 Coraline

She's a brave little girl. - Goku02

This should be no. 1

I found the baby very stupid so forgive me put it last

5 Other Wybie

This character sacrificed his life so Coraline could escape! - thunderstar1124

6 Charlie Jones

The face that had hated that ass to me the day

7 April Spink
8 Other Father

It was funny and he turned good

9 Miriam Forcible
10 Angus

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11 The Ghost Children

Its very sad very sad stories

12 Mr. Bobinski
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