Best Cornerback Trios Coming Into the 2019 Season

In today's NFL its pretty tough to get good depth at the cornerback or safety position, but to get three corners is one thing, but to have loaded exceptional play helps very much, and can go along ways for a game clinching play perhaps for these teams to reply on what they got in sight.

The Top Ten

1 Stephon Gilmore, Jason McCourty, and J.C Jackson - (Patriots)

A very good corner secondary utility position maybe no other team could perfect well like New England does time after time. Stephon Gilmore had perhaps his best season many overlooked seeing how un-patriot like the team played as a whole. Jason McCourty coming back adding his brother helps the connection stronger in New England than it did for Cleveland. J.C. Jackson was quite the unknown surprise as a corner 3 of the team. He would not back down to try to deflect or get some picks given quarterbacks challenged him heavily. Now having a security draft pick in JoeJuan Williams outta Vanderbilt they have the deepest depth at that position.

2 Chidobe Awuzie, Byron Jones, and Anthony Brown  - (Cowboys)

What a good trio right here in the making. Awuzie especially to me is the team's best corner he kept shutting down #1 Corners like nothing flat. Byron Jones also improved the past few seasons really coming into his own for Rod to started realizing his defense would slowly become this good is incredible with the right development in place. Anthony Brown as the nickel is also pretty underrated as well add in Michigan’s Jourdan Lewis this is a pretty skilled corner depth position set you do not take lightly.

3 Chris Harris Jr., Bryce Callahan, and Kareem Jackson - (Broncos)

''Harris has been among the very best at his position over his eight years in the NFL, and he’s ended a whopping 20.7% of his games. Bryce Callahan will join this team as one of the league’s premier slot cornerbacks. Over the last three regular seasons, Callahan has earned an 80.9 slot coverage grade that ranks seventh among the 49 cornerbacks with at least 50 targets. Jackson was moved all over the place last season in Houston, and the result was a career-best performance. outside corner and slot with ease, and he recorded an overall grade of 79.5 behind 10 pass breakups and no receiving touchdowns allowed.’’ This is a very formidable corner trio for sure especially when led by the phenomenal Chris Harris Jr.

4 Casey Hayward, Desmond King, and Trevor Williams - (Chargers)

''Hayward has allowed just 118 receptions from 224 targets for 1,710 yards, seven touchdowns and 11 interceptions, while he’s also logged a staggering 55 forced incompletions the third-most of any cornerback in that span. King has a real chance to cement himself as the league’s next best slot cornerback. The Iowa product has earned coverage grades north of 86.0 in both of his professional seasons up to this point, and over those two years, he’s allowed a passer rating of just 83.3 on his slot targets. Williams rounds off this formidable group as one of the most intriguing cornerbacks in the NFL. Unfortunately, an ankle injury forced him to take a slight step back in 2018 — he finished the season with a 58.4 coverage grade and a 132.1 passer rating allowed.’’ To not say much about the other two that isn’t said, but if their # CB comes back strong than Chargers would be the top spot surely.

5 Marlon Humphrey, Jimmy Smith, and Brandon Carr - (Ravens)

''Humphrey quite comfortably established himself as one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL last year. His 52.5% catch rate allowed was the seventh-best mark among cornerbacks with at least 50 targets last season, and his forced incompletion percentage of 22.5%. Ninth-year cornerback Jimmy Smith hasn’t played more than 610 snaps in a season since 2015 thanks to an unwelcome combination of injury and suspension. But when he’s been healthy and on the field, he has quietly toed the line between good and great. he’s allowed a passer rating of less than 95.0.’’ Brandon Carr is a lot time veteran who can also be good given that he may not be a corner #1, but as a second or a third he could be that nickel solid player who work tight in that Baltimore defense. They also have Tavon Young who showed signs of struggle last season. A formidable experienced trio though regardless.

6 Kyle Fuller, Prince Amukamara, and Buster Skrine - (Bears)

Chicago has a solid trio, but I worry heavily on the backup not being very good if any of these guys a bit banged up. Buster Skrine may not be like Byrce Challahan, but that’s the best option you got out of it. Kyle Fuller will he progress and make a statement maybe he indeed is among the best in the league or does he have a stunning regression? I feel like these three Amukamara has gotta show something this season for Da Bears to have a comfortable secondary retained that’s where it ultimately falls.

7 Malcom Butler, Logan Ryan, and Adoree' Jackson - (Titans)

Two former Patriots play back to back only to have new uniform who knew. Add in their special punt return specialist and we got a distinguishable trio here unlike Jacksonville who has two good to great corner and one scrub. We have three good corners and the best one of the AFC South for sure.

8 Xavier Rhodes, Trae Waynes, and Mike Hughes - (Vikings)

Minnesota (like I previously said) have a solid depth at corner, and they have given that position a great deal of insurance while not caring about protection for Kirk Cousins. Meanwhile Xavier faces a bounce back pressure riding season after regressing in a surprising twist Zimmer drafts two cornerbacks past the two drafts that can’t boat well for he, and perhaps Trae Waynes. Mike Hughes, and those other young pieces could rise to the occasion that may rival what Green Bay has for sure being the closets to do that.

Now that mike is back the pass coverage should be better then ever

9 Kevin King, Jaire Alexander, and Josh Jackson - (Packers)

Green Bay’s got a deep corner position I gotta say, but knowing their plagued history injuries I would put them higher if that were the case. Led by Kevin King this young crew here could take over in the NFC North of opposing quarterback overlooking them. They also have Tramon Williams as a backup corner which works sense he knows that system better than anybody else giving these guys the vital system to thrive in helps very much especially if the Packers look to be in set back mode (potentially) as it may seem to be heard.

10 Janoris Jenkins, Deandre Baker, and Tony Lippett  - (Giants)

Starting off with an interesting one that could be wrong, but has some major potential in that secondary. Janoris Jenkins was among many who fought he’d be gone, but instead Gettleman kept him of the rarest moves to occur. Jenkins comes off a terrible 2018 season a bounce back may need to be seen unless they intend to be rid of him after the conclusion of this season. DeAndre Baker their second pick from this years draft could end up working out better than Eli Apple I’d think. A name you might not have caught but Tony Lippett was a very good cornerback when he was on the Dolphins a couple of seasons ago. There is the emerging name of Sam Beal as well to surprise many, but based on what I have seen from these three the trio for the G-Man is quite intriguing to me.

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