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Coroner are a metal band from Switzerland that play thrash, technical thrash, progressive metal and avant-garde metal. they were originally road crew for Celtic Frost.

They are often called "The Rush of Thrash Metal" for their style of thrash being more proggy and complex, they also got progressive with each album they release and eventually ventured into avant-garde.

The Top Ten

1 Mental Vortex

This album continued the evolution from No More Color. Continuing with the previous album's technical formula, the speed metal formula was re-integrated into Coroner's sound on this album but with a tone that made it sound not at all like the first two albums. There were slower songs on this album but they never stayed the same speed. - christangrant

I agree with the top 3 - Mental Vortex, No More Color, Punishment for Decadence.
Usually I can't choose between them.
But I know Mental Vortex is their most advanced effort. Nevertheless, I personally enjoy Punishment for Decadence the most - the reason is that I'm more of a thrash guy than prog guy, and Punishment for Decadence had more thrash.
What I wanna say is that it's a subjective personal preference but I would agree Mental Vortex is better. - Metal_Treasure

2 No More Color

This is when the band got even more techincal from the last album and became more proggy in their sound. They included time signatures in this album which would later become their trademark. Ron Royce's bass playing on this album is also worth noting, because he has a advanced three-finger technique which enables him to double the rhythm line as well as perform more intricate riffs. - christangrant

3 Punishment for Decadence

This album started to move towards a complex sound with a unison of bass and guitar. Tempo changes, interspersed mid-paced sections and the odd slow passage between the faster passages started to emerge. In this album Coroner started to write about themes such as politics and personal introspection. - christangrant

4 R.I.P.

This is their debut album, the music of this album was techinical and influenced, which you can clearly hear the classical influence on the songs from this album. - christangrant

5 Grin

I really appreciate the jazzy, avant-garde feel to it. This included elements of groove metal and industrial, while still maintaining the thrash sound. Great album!

This is their most avant-garde album, conatining much more elements of industrial and groove metal, with much less emphasis on speed and technicality. - christangrant

6 Death Cult
7 Coroner

A compilation album which contained unreleased material and a selection of hits from previous albums. - christangrant

8 The Unknown (Unreleased Tracks 1985-95)
9 Autopsy
10 No More Color - Live in East Berlin
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