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1 Yoshiki Kishinuma

I love Yoshiki, he is so adorable and I didn't like how Ayumi acted towards him. She would have been dead without him

It kind of pissed me off despite how hard Yoshiki tried, Ayumi kept looking at Satoshi.

It was either going to be him or Sakutaro Morishige but I like this character even more.
Aluminum would be dead without him protecting her. He was the greeting character of all time.

He is the only reason corpse party is good

2 Ayumi Shinozaki

Well, I already like her from the start because she is beautiful, cute and so on but no just that. Even she who did start the "Sachiko" thing but she always try to find a way to redeem herself instead of doing nothing. Yeah, she was bit annoyying at start but seem likeable enough as she start to overcome her fear and as the story goes on. She did really care about everyone.

I love Ayumi! I have a feeling everyone has a dislike for her because she had one of the most realistic reactions! Not to mention she went back to HH AND found a way out! I agree the way she treated Yoshiki and Naomi wasn't cool but she was stressed, confused, scared, and not to mention on her period. Everything just piled up and she took it out on the wrong people. Adding in the darkening... I see a bit of myself in Ayumi, especially problems with feminism! So if people could try and see from my point of view that would be good

Yeah but I forgot to start my comment in yeah but but anyway... Yeah but I ship Ayushuki! I wrote the paragraph with ' I like Ayumi. I guess... ' Just wanted to say. She really did care for her friends though. She felt so bad for it even though she didn't know. Writing this, I wonder how Satoshi was feeling like when they did the charm in book of shadows since he knew ):.

I like Ayumi. I uess she was a bit insensitive towards Yoshiki but for crying out loud, they were trapped in a school broken building and they could die any momet, Their only thing they really need to concentrate is living. You don't notice what others do for you.

3 Seiko Shinohara

Seiko is best girl cause of her personality (she's positive and sweet) and other than that she's adorable! she didn't deserve to be one of the first ones to die she should've died later on or not at all. she's just so precious and must be protected

she was number one on my best girls list and number one on my top ten anime and game characters list

so she should be #1 here

Seiko was awesome, so positive and sweet. However, since she died so early I don't think she should have been number one. But otherwise Seiko is an awesome character and I love her

She shouldn't have died early, she should've surivived along with Mayu, they would've been so helpful in keeping everyone in check.

Seiko should be number 1. Look how adorable she is.

4 Naomi Nakashima

Ayumi got first place in the official but she didn't seem like a main character to me. More of a smart supporting character. Naomi was strong, kept going after her best friend died, and has a crush. She basically possesses all the qualities of a main character.

Naomi is my all time favorite character, she is caring, sweet, and over all a wonderful girl. She is beautiful inside and out and I hated the way Ayumi acted towards her, I get why but I hated it. Seiko is also the best and I hated how that turned out and I won't say... Spoilers!

Yeah but how is she 1st place? AMAZING! People actually like her. I'm used to people hating her. YAY! More love for Nami-San! I think she's a nice character. I feel soory for her. Yay for love!

Naomi doesn't deserve all the hate. I get it, she was being kind of a jerk to Seiko. But the girl almost died in the infirmary. I'd be kinda mad if my friend didn't help me.

5 Satoshi Mochida

He was the best character. He faces his fears to protect his friends and family, and was the only character in the entire game and miniseries who kept his cool throughout when everyone else completely lost it at one point or another.

Satoshi has to be my favorite. I find myself a lot like him because I put others in front of myself, just like he does.

He must be my boyfriend! If only real boys were like him... Sweet, kind, has a heart

Send this playboy to hell and put morshige in his place

6 Yuka Mochida

Yuka deserves to be higher, but I hate how she only cares about satoshi.

Well do really
Love yuka she is my favorite characters

I love yuka she is my fave I love her I love here

Another extremely adorable one

7 Mrs. Yui

She died but she didn't deserve it She care about her studens Ayumi as with her and cheered her up til she died...

I love her she was very nice and cared more about her students than her own life.

I feel that she’s very underrated and all she wanted was to see her students safe and was the one I wanted to live the most.

I love Mrs.Yui! She will also have my vote because she is so underrated!

8 Sakutaro Morishige

The hate towards him is not justified for me. Yes, he took pictures of corpses to feel better and I agree that this was sick and disgusting. But there's more to him guys. His only real friend who accepted him for who he is just died. Wouldn't you be desperate to death too? You also can't compare Morishige with Kizami: Kizami was bad and crazy before HH while Morishige was pretty much normal (even though I strongly believe he suffered some kind of mental sickness like depression) before HH and just went insane in it. His inner self made him extremely vulnerable to the darkening. His character was very realistic and relatable for me. You never know what you can become in places like HH.

Even though he DID look at corpses and all but it was probably because he had no friends (probably except mayu). Anyways at least he seems affected when his friends other than mayu die (book of shadows wrong end) unlike yoshiki (no offense).

This guy is so awesome, like really, he is smart, even though he was a little crazy, he is just so cool. And his sprite looks like someone from the Matrix :D

He is human forgive him

9 Yuuya Kizami

I don't know why he isn't added here yet. He's a sadistic brat who kills his classmates.

Favorite character by far. Who doesn't love an adorable sociopath?

I love the way he think and kill

He is amazing.

10 Mayu Suzumoto

Mayu is so kind and sweet! She shouldn't have died. She was about to lose her friends for most of the time and then she did a charm to keep them together forever and it killed her. So saad! I, for one, love her! KAWAIII!

Mayu is so beautiful! I love her so much and she's my fave. I wish she survived. __

Mayu deserves to be higher. If you watched Book Of Shadows you'll see why

Mayu was first to help the ghost.

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11 Sachiko Shinozaki

Yeah but I forgot to start in uyeah but. my paragraph was ' If you see Sachiko in...'. It's not she meant to kill,so I love her! She suffered so much and then watched her own mum die and then got killed by someone she trusted ( Takamine ).

If you see Sachiko in human form, she is so kind. The opposite of her spirit. So sad. Too bad ):.

Although Sachiko is Malicious and malevolent, I can't help but love her

12 Yui Shishido
13 Naho Saenoki


14 Mitsuki Yamamoto

She's my favorite character

I don't like her anymore

15 Tomohiro Ohkawa

Tomohiro is my favorite character, he was a hero like Mitsuki since they both stood up to Kizami and didn't scream in pain or begged for help or begged for him to stop when Kizami was killing them. He even told Kokuhaku to run away when Kizami showed up. I wish Kokuhaku had more character, I think she shoul've had her own extra chapter with her friends and how the curse got to her. by the way I.ship Tomohiro and Kokuhaku.

16 Tohko Kirisaki
17 Shougo Taguchi

Share love to the pervert man

18 Kai Shimada
19 Misuto Kiriya

I can honestly say Misuto is my favourite character. while most would disagree because he used Ayumi, I still prefer him over the other characters. not only is he a cool guy, but he has a good backstory.

I know a lot of people hate Misuto because of how he uses ayumi, but lets face it, ayumi is gullible. he's one of the coolest characters and deserves more like than he gets.

20 Yuki Kanno
21 Satsuki Mizuhara
22 Tsukasa Mikuni
23 Kou Kibiki
24 Sayaka Ooue
25 Mio Yuzuki
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