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21 Mio Yuzuki
22 Hinoe Shinozaki
23 Mirai Yamamura
24 Kensuke Kurosaki
25 Tomohiro Ohkawa

Tomohiro is my favorite character, he was a hero like Mitsuki since they both stood up to Kizami and didn't scream in pain or begged for help or begged for him to stop when Kizami was killing them. He even told Kokuhaku to run away when Kizami showed up. I wish Kokuhaku had more character, I think she shoul've had her own extra chapter with her friends and how the curse got to her. by the way I.ship Tomohiro and Kokuhaku.

26 Ryosuke Katayama
27 Masato Fukuroi
28 Kai Shimada
29 Tohko Kirisaki
30 Emi Urabe

My favorite Byakudan Student. I didn't she was shorter than average height though

31 Nana Ogasawara

She is so cute. in a rate the character poll. she got 2.44 out of 3 which is an a-. can see why she is one of the popular characters.

32 Chihaya Yamase

She can be a bit annoying but I love her - Bubblegum91104

33 Nari Amatoya
34 Kuon Niwa
35 Aiko Niwa
36 Haruyuki Inumaru
37 Magari Mizuki
38 Mr. Shimoda
39 Ryou Yoshizawa
40 Tokiko Tsuji

I feel sorry for Tokiko, she got her tongue cut off then her head chopped off, is bossed about by the person who killed her, and doesn't get much attention. I was unhappy she was more of a minor character, I quite liked her. she deserves more love!

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