Top Ten Corpse Princess Characters

Now here's an anime to watch, even if you hate anime. Very violent, wonderful set of characters too.

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1 Makina Hoshimura Makina Hoshimura

Not my fault then stop rustling me...- Kevinsidis

While I don't like Corpse Princess all that much, I did think Makina was a good character. - Elric-san

Sounds interesting. Better mark it into my "Plan to Watch" list on my MAL account. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The main character, a Shikabane Hime who is tasked with killing 108 Shikabane to ascend to heaven. Very powerful and violent in combat with two sub-machine guns. - Nonpointed

2 Ouri Kagami Ouri Kagami

I love him so much, snoopy, and adorable - Izalien

The boy that always shows up when Makina is killing things. He's told repeatedly to stay out of things, but has something that is surprising to the others. - Nonpointed

3 Keisei Tagami Keisei Tagami

Makina's contracted monk, which keeps her in Shikabane Hime status, and he fights along with her too. He became her monk after Makina and her whole family were murdered and he also raised Ouri. His death at the end was certainly a sad one (he even loses his eye and teeth in a graphic showdown) but he manages to pass on the monk duty to Ouri. - Nonpointed

4 Akasha Shishido Akasha Shishido

The traitor monk whom Keisei fights at least twice. He allies with the Seven Stars, the main villains, later on. One of the major villains. - Nonpointed

5 Hokuto Hokuto

By far my favorite,I don't watch a lot of anime but I adore this show. - Izalien

The leader of the Seven Stars, a mysterious woman whose undead status is superior to others. - Nonpointed

6 Minai Ruo Minai Ruo

She committed suicide after killing someone and became Shuji Isaki's Shikabane Hime, fighting alongside Makina as well with brass knuckles. But after Shuji got brutally murdered she was losing her Shikabane Hime status, and was about to turn into a monster. Despite Ouri attempting to protect her she killed herself for good this time. A really sad moment for Ouri. - Nonpointed

7 Saki Amase Saki Amase

One of the youngest Shikabane Hime, mischievous, but wields a giant hammer in combat. Partnered with Rika Aragami, the only female monk in the series. - Nonpointed

8 Itsuki Yamagami Itsuki Yamagami

Another gun-toting Shikabane Hime who's just as violent as Makina. Dying in a car crash, Itsuki works with her monk Takamasa Sogi - Nonpointed

9 Kamika Todoroki Kamika Todoroki

The Sword Princess, the strongest Shikabane Hime due to her impressive will. - Nonpointed

10 Akira Tooka Akira Tooka

Sadahiro Mibu's Shikabane Hime, one who shoots with a sniper rifle. - Nonpointed

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