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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such more.


As a youngster I can see Malaysia is a country that still have hope in the future. Politic problems happening in Malaysia now are because of the 1960s people who are still very old minded, they do not want to retire and rise a lot problems. Educated malay and chinese and indians are likely to get along very well, they do not easily get offended and tired of the politic issue arise by the 60s people. Just wait them retire, we will have a better future. However, as a chinese, I hate those chinese who only speak mandarin all the time, and not trying to approach to other races by speaking english and malay. All races need to be open minded, don't always speak your own language. Grow up and be mature, If you want Malaysia to have a better future, get along with other races, start with the languages and approaching to others, stop speaking your own language only and make the other races think you are selfish and narrow-minded. 60s people with old minded need to retire and go to rest. I hate ...more - meungjuin

Should be top... Police here are money minded... Your are free doing any crime by giving cops money... Yes! There is media control they are very privacy in doing this corruption!

The leaders also support bribery. Shame on them! - ulekmayang

It's true that this country is the dirtiest among the worst. Bribery and corruption in its best. Besides having the richest resources land in the world, the country should be richful but the leadership and the authority miss used it for personal greed's and heading towards destruction and bankruptcy without concerning the future of their country and people. Non democracy and freedom, bribery in every activities, dictatorship, poor management and lack of self-consciousness, lazy majority population, selfish and low educational are the main problems.

Malaysia Leaders are corruption from the top to bottom, Even the PM can have company to do business of its own, The PM should take the people need. even the police head is corrupted as well Judge very corrupted person...

Malaysia is a nice country just only the goverment are sucks! Brainless!

Malaysia's Prime Minister is corrupted

Malaysia belongs in with Indonesia my experience in Asia for 15 years eight of them in Malaysia working. At least Indonesia is making some attempt to clean up. How ever Malaysia is using the religion to separate the people and steal the future

Yes indeed, I can't agree more in fact it should take top spot as the number 1 most corrupted country in Asia. The rot and corruption started with the leaders so where they lead their people will follow

When whistleblowers get put behind bars and slap with sedition charges, while the corrupts roam free WITH police added protection. Can it go any worst? God save the country..

The government does not give people equal opportunities based on races, it is so unfair!

Unfriendly people, and corrupted government robbing the citizen with high unnecessary taxes.

Safety getting worse same as corruption, market been monopolized, racist tension getting tense and education method became low level just want to increase students pass exam rate

The leaders of this country are making jokes and stupidity comments for the world to laugh at.

Because to many bribe and abuse of power, and corrupt

I'm afraid of my future as malaysian, I'm still a student and someone might told me not to bother for knowing this kind of issues but when I heard from my uncle in uk that malaysia is the one of the most corrupt country in asia I started thinking what will happen to malaysia in the future, are we gonna fall corrupt like north korea? Please prime minister, do something and stop wasting my parents' money. Do you know how hard it is to earn the money? I don't know how homeless people could still live.

A country run by a greedy and corrupted leader and his cabinets focusing on retaining power through racial and religious divide, a country where its AG and IGP ignores the evidence of blatant billion dollar money laundering and DOES NOTHING! A Country heading towards failed state if its not already there. Malaysia Truly Asia indeed...

This country should be top 1 since I live at Malaysia I know our prime minister is know, they won election during 2013, but they won with cheat, we call this as black magic since suddenly black out and N... become winner again...

Graduate does not have any job now days. If you able to land a job, just accept to get low salary.

It is the people at the helm that is leading us to the rocks. What is more frustrating is that all the other leaders has no voice of their own. Even thou it is wrong (clear as day) they will say it is right just to please the boss.

Not just corruption but Malaysia is now a 'one-man' (or that man's wife) country. Do not defy them, else you might ended up MIA for creative reasons.

This country is run by crooks, jokers, clowns and good for nothings! If it goes on like it is... Malaysia is going to become another Zimbabwee sooner than you can blink your eyelids! You can bet your life on it!

Here in Malaysia, event you have a degree, it doesn't mean you will easily get a job especially for the fresh graduates.Most of the jobs offered unsatisfying salary. Oh! And the price of local made car is higher when you buy it here!

Yes agree with you, these people bring there bag of tricks with them abroad, horrible people

Prime minister and his party corrupted 7billions dollars and said it is given by Prince Saudi Arabia(Dead). The police always collect the coffee money from the driver. Many overseas people buy Identity Card from immigration, I can't endure this culture anymore.