Top 10 Best COs in Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Here are the best characters of the highly acclaimed 2005 turn based strategy game for the Nintendo DS.

The Top Ten

1 Hachi

Short power meter. Able to get units half price. Able to bring out Megatanks or Neotanks easily. Able to attain high unit counts. He's Sensei and Colin put together. - marmalade_skies

2 Sensei

Strong copters are nice, but being able to spawn a huge flood of moveable Mechs is amazing. Not only do they refuel his power again but they allow the player to make a defensive wall, pose threats to indirects, kill tanks with ease, improve capturing and whittle away the opponent via attrition. - marmalade_skies

3 Colin

He's the definition of cheap. 20% discount in units means he's able to get a tank out sooner than everyone else. Plus, his spammable CO Power Gold Rush gives him access to Md tanks easier than nearly every other CO. - marmalade_skies

Conquest via mass movement.
Colin got it all.
He just needs to get LOT OF CITIES to rack up cash earlier on.
The downside is, with less cities, he is almost certain to lose.

4 Kanbei

20% more expensive units is a downside, but 120/120 base stats are
amazing. He one-hit-kills units more easily, captures units more easily
and the opponent has a difficult time approaching his units on a daily
basis unless they're powered up somehow. Additionally, for only 1 more star than average, his Super CO Power makes him not only a powerhouse but invincible for a turn. - marmalade_skies

5 Rachel

Her Super CO Power is one of the very best. 3 free missiles is like having a free Black Bomb at your disposable. Wreck clusters of units to control certain areas of the board. - marmalade_skies

6 Eagle

Having strong air units is nice, but being able to move your units twice is very powerful. Yes, you can attack twice. Or, you can use it strike aggressively and then reposition your units to safety. No real downsides for this CO either. - marmalade_skies

7 Sami

Infantry and Mechs are the most important units in the game, so Sami is naturally very good. Her soldiers can capture even when damaged. More capturing means more money. Her CO Power Meter is long, but it's able to give you an instant win via HQ capture. - marmalade_skies

8 Jess

She got stronger in Dual Strike than in AW2. 120% offense for Recons/tanks/Artillery is great. Her Super CO Power gives her offense/movement/ammo. Very well rounded. Not a lot of downsides. - marmalade_skies

9 Kindle

Her CO Power is great in slowing enemy capturing, making them use up their funds, and overall giving you an upperhand in combat. 140% day to day offense on cities is also a nice bonus. - marmalade_skies

10 Von Bolt

His Super CO Power is a little overpriced, but is still quite good. His 110/110 units on a daily basis cannot be underestimated. Most CO's have a net +20 bonus in a specialized area, a bonus with a big drawback, or not at all. But Von Bolt has it all the time for all units. - marmalade_skies

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