I can believe this brand since they have their own organic farm. They don't do animal experience. They do it for themselves. I am proud of using it. I share the belief.

The one who uses Artistry becomes its brand ambassedor, this oppurtunity is not with any other brand. Using Aristry one doesn't have to speak about products your face does that for you, how easy for sales... right!. Artistry is purely natural, dermatology and allergy tested! Are you new to skin care products - use ARTISTRY ESSENTIALS, Are you looking for younger, radient, uplifting, even tone, soft, supple, acne free, glowing natural skin? - use ARTISTRY TIME DEFIANCE! Scientists already researched enough on fomula and ingrediants used in these products, do not waste your valuable time in researching again... they are readily available for you to use. Make the decesion NOW as your skin starts aging at the age of 12.

I can only say that Artistry products are the best products on the market. I have had bad skin and many problems and 3 months after I started to use Artistry ( At that time I was 30) my skin problems began to disappear. I could not believe it. I am now 42 an my skin looks better and younger than it did when I was 28 or so. No problems any more. That was one of the reason why I started to do the Business, because I wanted to tell everybody about it:-) I have a very successful Business today and I am so grateful to the family that introduced me to those fantastic products. Naturally ingredients and full of vitamins from our own Nutrilite organic certified farms:-) I am so exited. I can recommend Artistry for every age. Just love them. Best of nature and best of science...

I hav use Artistry since i was whole family using it well...after u use it u can see the matter how old are u...u still can hav it...Artistry is the 100% organic product...all it's comes from natural matter what kind of skin u hav,or how old are u, u still can use it n start it now...i can help u to improve ur skin from worse/ damage change it become a healthy skin...u can see it, n believe it cause i'm using's also the ONE product that hav 100% Guarantee...u try it i'm sure u will love it

This brand and their products delivered me full satisfaction and care so that only my skin is too sensitive and most dermatologists restrict me to use products, but these are great and I use all of them with no consequence.

The artistry product really good for my skin after use, before I also try to use other branded product, firstly I use is good, but at long time, my skin start get problem like sensitive. Through my friend, She recommend me to use artistry, I never hear and use the brand before. She also tell me artistry is top 5 product. After hear this, I accept and buy the product to use. After few month, my other friend tell me my skin look different before, look very bright before. I am 19 years old, but other people said me like 17 old person, so happy. Finally, I want thank to artistry, give me a chance look more younger, artistry also 100% natural and economic product compare to other branded brand.

I love artistry, it's the best cosmetics EVER... and I love there skin care product. People should definitely try this brand. And it's made with natural ingredients. Like Time Defiance its made with 'Indian Wheat' while, Artistry Essential is made with 'Jojoba'. If you have dry skin it will hydrate your skin 181%. If you have Oily skin it will balance your skin. And it will hydrate the parts if needed. I really think you try this, you have half a year of guarantee.

I have been using Artistry for the past 3 years. I love the Time Defiance line... My 13 year old is using the clear now and she loves it too. She has been using their skin care for the past 3 years as well. Starting my child on a proper 3 step skin care treatment will help her skin in the long run. I can guarantee that we will not be changing product. Any company that will stand behind their product with a 180 day guarantee (100% money back even if the bottle is empty) deserves my business. I don't know of any other brand that will stand behind thier product like that

Since I was 20 years old, I used Clinique (3 step cleansing system), the makeup, and the rest. Sometimes, my face was breaking out, and it was just okay. At 37, I started using Artistry. I know that it sounds like a commercial but in two months, I noticed a difference. Actually, I get comments from friends and family that the older I get, the younger I look... hey, it works for me! So, I will continue to use it as long as it makes me feel and look good! And, it's safe to use!

I am an amway global representative. as a great business woman I will not talk bs about other companys. I wish them much successes but in MY point of view and of proof of using ARTISTRY for more than 15 yrs I can say that this is the best make-up/ skin care brand in the world! its te best of the best. read what other makeup brands contain. you will see the difference with artistry!

Am using Artistry brands since am 24yrs, the product was very good quality, as trusted brand where can recommend to everyone, even am encourage my friends to use the brand. Am using a lot range in Artistry product I feel my skin very soft, firm and look younger. Now am 35 yrs old yet people can guess my age around 20s one of the reason am using Artistry brand which 100% natural products.

I am using Artistry cosmetics for 2 years. I am 27 years old. I tried lots of cosmetics but Artistry is the best one. If you have a sensitive dry, normal or oily skin, Artistry must be the best solution. especially, time defiance series perfect. You should try it one more time before you pass away :))

Kaya from Turkey- Japanese Teacher

love this brand. this is the best in the world. I use it and know people who use it for a long-long time and it is more than just the words. my skin is breathing and product is doing it's job. the best resolt if you try it and compare to other brands. even the price is lover than other pristige brandes' becouse the product is concantrate and rich.

Best product I have used till date.. Suggested to all my friends and relatives and everybody got awesome results. My 52yr old aunty has a sensitive skin and massive sunburn, only artistry suits her and did miracle to her skin... Can't think of any other brand anymore.. And its so cost effective also..

Nothing beats this because you get the BEST of everything there is to offer: customer service, global presence, leaders is skincare research, quality-everything from their research labs, advisory board of renowned scientists, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and they even have the neatest, top quality packaging! All for incredibly competitive prices and a killer guarantee!

Have been using it for 25 years. I am 67 but everyone thinks I am under 50 thanks to the Time Defiance Artistry range. If you want to try it, please
Contact They will get it to you. Great ranges for all ages and all skin types. 90 day guarantee but I have never had to use it. Their make-up range is fantastic too.

My mom using artistry for the pass 10 years and it make her look more younger then her lil sister which is using "X" brand cosmetic... She is using Time Defiance series and Essential series product and now I'm going buy her Creme Luxury! She is 55 this year and just look like age of 40+.. Artistry is really the best not for only women and for men as well!

when i use artistry product i feel my skin very very soft and i had so so much acne promlem now its gone i also like there haircare,healthcare,and homecare product.all those skin care product are amegin no qustion about antiare family is using artistry product

My wife is so happy with this brand since she start using it her face just looks fantastic her skin is transforming to more soft and fresh, expression lines are disappearing, time defiance and serum are working at it's best. Her skin was dry and now is rejuvenated 100%

You are absolutely correct. I am also using Artistry daily. It is awesome product which I never seen earlier. Now my skin is very glowing. The important thing I want to share is, previously I suffered with huge pimples and now after using Artistry products, I had a great result.

This product is really amazing... The best product I have ever used. I have used all the product from artistry range available in India and artistry has been always pleased me. It makes me confident all the time. Youth never leaves you... I am so happy using Artistry..

Best product that I have used - ever! I have used quite a bit of other makeup brands. It's mineral makeup therefore it lasts longer and it is a lot healthier for your skin [especially if you have sensitive oily skin like I do. ] and feels light! Not that heavy feeling of being caked onto your skin.

I normally don't wear make-up because after about 30 minutes my face starts to itch. With Artistry I wear it all day upwards of 15 hours a day and never have had that itchy feeling. I have since had many compliments on my appearance. This of course boosts my confidence and makes me feel great.

Artistry is the world's best product I've ever used. Suited to all skin types and also the fact that its tested on human skin and not on animal skin is the best guarantee one can get! Its current best product is "Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel". I just wish I could get to use all of its products. And I would love to see more of its products being launched in India.

I like Artistry, particularly Artistry-Men. I have never come across anything like this product. Its flagrance is so smooth and soothing with best quality of rearranging cells under our skin nicely. I would never have my face 15 years younger without 5 products from Artistry-Men.