Simple, that's the skin care regimen that everybody is looking for! BeautiControl delivers that with 5 easy steps the because facial has everything you'll need for that Maintaince, Repair & Prevention.. I have been following the facial regimen now for over three months (soon as I received my because Case in the mail-I was enjoying everything in it) My skin has been repaired in as little as 3 months using my products day & night, also the Instant Face Lift once every week & the Thermal Mud Mask (really opened my pores and cleared up all the tiny black heads) a couple times a week! All the meanwhile pampering myself with all the other products like the pedicure set ;) instant manicure, lip a peel & the soothing cold nourishing eye pads, new products like the contouring body sculpt, the new Regeneration Tight Firm & Fill body mist, the new face Apeel (only takes 5 minutes) & also the new Body Apeel... ;) I've even tried the baby products s&h enjoyed a good nights sleep ;) I love ...more

I hated my skin until I started using BeautiControl 20 years ago! I am one of those consumers that will try something new at the drop of a hat, but not BeautiControl. They have never given me a reason to be looking for another skin care line because not only were they good 20 years ago, they continuously strive to be the best and are always at the forefront of new cutting edge products often pioneering the way for the others to follow. I love a company that never settles to be happy where they are at, but is always looking to improve on an already great product and business. They are just as invested in their consultants as they are their products and even better, THEIR CUSTOMERS! Now with all the anti aging products they offer with results that deliver, they are by far the best skin care line with a price point that is affordable. I am so thankful they have set the standard for the skin care industry! I am so thankful because they changed my life and gave me skin that I am no longer ...more

Once you try it, I bet you will have a hard time going back to anything else. It is an ethical, clean and smart brand. The fact that they don't test on animals is one of the main reasons I started using it, but once you look at the gluten free, no parabens, no sulfates and the many more attributes to BeautiControl you just cannot argue that it is so much better for your skin. Then you get down to results. Soft skin, tightness, wrinkle reduction. Know anyone who does NOT want that? You can think the department stores will love your situation. You can think they care. They care about making a sale. You consultant will care, about YOU, find what works best for you and make sure it is continuing to work while keeping you up to speed on all that BeautiControl has to offer. I dare everyone to try an instant manicure and not have their lives instantly changed. Because once you try it, you will want to know MORE.

I have used Beauti Control skincare and makeup for the past 21 years! I have never had an a problem with any of the products nor did anyone when I was later a consultant for them. The anti-aging products are second to none at very reasonable prices. I am 50 years old and most people think that I am 40 and I have even had some 35's! The microdermabrasion and the chemical peel are outstanding! Results are seen for some from day 1 not month's down the road.

I will never switch from these state of the art products that are constantly improved upon and updated ever! Seeing the end result is believing. All of Beauticontrol's Skin care has money back guarantees because that is and always has been how sure they are of their product as am I!

BeautiControl's Sensitive Set literally 'cured' my Rosacea. I am now able to use the SPA Facial set and ALL of the advanced Anti-Aging products because my skin is so healthy! I get compliments on my skin all the time, and am frequently told that I look younger now than I did 6 years ago (when I discovered because). I have tried everything out there and all of the prescriptions from the Derm. And nothing else has provided results that come even a little close to the results from ALL the because products. The cosmetics are incredible as well.. Beautiful colors, improve skin, professional finish/look, long lasting. I would never use any other products on my face and body!

I love how BeautiControl products really focus on actual issues and are for MEN as well as WOMEN. The reason I got into their products is because my Blind Autistic son was maturing and had serious acne. Being Autistic he would scratch his face like crazy and really cause issues. My dear friend is a consultant and we were talking about my son and his issues. She told me about the Green tea warming masque and the sensitive line for acne.I was so amazed at how well it worked and the masque had a serious calming affect on him in the shower. He began to look forward to his showers and his masque. We also used the dual stick and the sensitive line and his acne went away. After that we used the Regeneration Pro Exfoliator with The because Spa Exfoliating Polish. This kept him from getting scars. My personal products are awesome but what they have done for my son is nothing short of a miracle! It turned into to be a bonding time for us as well. I believe he felt pampered and loved and the ...more

I have used this brand for over 20 years with CONTINUED results. The formulas work at the cellular level to repair, regenerate and promote the processes your skin performed when it looked and felt it's youngest and most resilient. Always on trend with the strongest non prescription level of active ingredients, BeautiControl researches, develops, and owns it's own formulas. It is the only American owned company whose products compete with luxury Euro brands like Chanel. Shiseido, La Mer, La Prairie and Clarins. BeautiControl's formulas are formulated for immediate and long term results, which offers a better return on consumer investment. Plus, you don't pay for shelf or counter space in Sephora, Belk or Ulta. The crowning glory of the brand is it's sales force. When you purchase from a corporate trained, certified Image and Skin Care Consultant, you have the full resources of the BeautiControl Research Institute and your personal expert advisor available to you. I will never use ...more

I have been with because one way or another since 1991 and have found NO other product exceeds all expectations every time! What because says their products do, THEY DO! I use because products at home and at my salon from SPA Pedicures to Facials that include the Resurface non-surgical Face Lift. I have lived in several different climates from California to my residence now in Oklahoma and because has the products needed for all of them with the flexibility to personalize, customize and they are patented to provide outstanding direct sales opportunity as well as in my Salon. because also gives the training necessary for someone who knows nothing about IMAGE, make up or skin care the ability to be successful in owning a business and providing exceptional products and services. There really is something for everyone. Karen - Oklahoma

BeautiControl has literally changed my life...My skin is now healthy, my paycheck is what I CHOOSE it to be, I can spend time with my family when I CHOOSE, rather than when I can work it in to my schedule...I love what I do, and I love what BeautiControl represents...Honesty, Integrity in its Mission of helping women everywhere achieve the financial freedom, the confidence and connection to others, as well as the quality and authenticity that stands behind EVERY product available thru the company and its members! Every time I go to work I end up at a Spa...what more could you want?

I suffered from Rosacea for years and was on medication. I was introduced to BeautiControl and started using the Skinlogics Sensitive products and no longer needle to be on medication! I now use the because Spa Facial line and my skin looks and feels great! Plus, the anti-aging products including MicrodermAbrasion, Tight, Firm and Fill and now the new Extreme offer amazing results. I was so impressed I joined because! The products PLUS the opportunity are life changing!

BeautiControl has the best anit-aging products on the market today. The skin care is unmatchable. BeautiControl is always keeping up to day with the best products to make women feel and look their best. BeautiControl has a money-back guarantee and offers complimentary skin care and glamour, along with the top-notch spa products on the market today. BeautiControl continues to help women reach and achieve their dreams. The WHO FOUNDATION is unmeasureable when it comes to sharing with others who need help in the community everywhere.

I've been using because for 23 years and no one can even guess the correct decade for my age! The instant I felt it on my skin, I knew I would use it the rest of my life (sensitive, acne prone, oily, allergic skin). I had many cosmetic companies trying to get me to sell for them, I was not impressed with their prices and they don't train sales force on product, only on sales... Because is phenomenal! I started selling it right away! to see my services too! What a blessing!

I have an acne type condition the doctors can't figure out. Also, I have very sensitive skin, as do my relatives. So I have shelled our some money over the years. I had given up and just used the one brand of base I knew worked. My S-I-L told me to try BeautiControl and IT WORKED! My face was clearer than ever, felt so smooth, has elasticity, and of course that led to purchasing other products! Great Quality, a little goes a long way too! Love it, Lover IT, LOVE IT! Try BeautiControl!

The reason you think something is better is because you haven't tried the best yet! BeautiControl has the number one skin care products in the country and in the world! Beyond the fact that the products are outstanding, the price is unbeatable the quality beyond measure, and the fact that we are an American company, and have never tested on animals, and stand behind our products 150 percent, BeautiControl has what you need to bring your skin back to life!

I have never found products that are continually up to date with scientific formulas that work. Because has met every need in the cosmetic industry and has provided many individuals with great products and a good income. I have used because for over 20 years and receive compliments frequently on what beautiful skin I have. Looking young at 70 is a wonderful feeling. Thank you because, all your wonderful employees and Gary Jones for his continued dedication to because.

I've been using BeautiControl for about two months, and I can't believe the results! I've worked for a dermatologist for the last 9 years, and am more impressed with BeautiControl than I have been with my own employer. The Extreme Tight Firm and Fill is amazing, and even the daily skin care is just fantastic. After years of using a variety of exfoliating scrubs from work and still seeing flaky dry skin, I was skeptical of any exfoliating products. After just a few weeks of using the daily exfoliating polish and the Microderm Abrasion once a week, I have smoother, softer skin and better results than ever before. I can't wait to throw out the rest of my products and re-stock with BeautiControl!

I had been using a skin care system from a different company for years, then I was invited to a BeautiControl spa party. I was so impressed with the products I tried that I bought their skin care system and started using it that night. Within 5 days my coworkers were asking me what I was doing differently because my skin looked wonderful. I threw out the other companies half full bottles and never looked back. That was 11 years ago! I am about to turn 50 but no one believes me. Thanks BeautiControl for keeping me young looking! My husband also uses the men's line and loves it.

I've been using because products for only 3 years, wish I had found it years ago. It's the best kept secret in skin care and cosmetics. But they've been chosen 3 times in a row for the runway models at Fashion Week by top makeup artists and designers, so the secret is finally out! Check out the new Extreme TFF Face, it has the highest amount of effective ingredients allowed by law!

I love BeautiControl because my skin is younger looking and feels great. I've tried other products, but for me when a scar on my forehead is no longer visible sold me for life. I had the scar over 27 years and in just a few weeks using because Skin care, microdermabrasion, and our anti aging in my own home, gave me when the results I was looking for. I love sharing my story with other women who need help with there skin care and who want to make a difference. I would recommend you give it a try first and buy from yourself. BeautiControl is constantly helping us so we can help you. Thank you BeautiControl for walking in my life. I'm in forever.

The most high end affordable anti aging skincare products that are actually prescribed for each persons skin... The Instant Face Lift is simply incredible! You can see noticeable difference in just 30 minutes and best part in 6 hours unbelievable! Within several weeks you will be going up to people saying you have got to feel my skin...! Best kept secret that should not be a secret... Everyone needs to be using BeautiControl! Our TFF products are so affordable and does just what Botox does without needles, without botulism injected into your body, and without the high price tag! If you are not using BeautiControl you need to!

LOVE LOVE LOVE BeautiControl! I can't say enough for what it has done for my skin AND most importantly, my confidence. After years of suffering from acne and scarring, trying different medications, Avon, store bought products, I found because and instantly loved it! Within weeks I was getting compliments on my skin and I was using less and less makeup to cover up my embarrassing acne. My skin looks and feels amazing and I owe it all to BeautiControl!

Beauticontrol has cleared and smoothed out my teenage brothers face. He works at arbys, has 2 soccer practices a day, and is a senior in high school. My grandmother has stopped complaining about her lines because because has successfully reduced them and is still continuing to reduce them. Even my 2 year old loves because he loves putting on the lotion and cologne. I can't keep his little hands off the instant baby wash either. If you haven't tried because your out of your mind because because is magic in a bottle.

Amazing products! Got rid of my fine lines, black eyes, and improved skin texture without me having to spend a whole lotta money. Also fixed my daughters acne! Safe for the whole family, but can be tailored to each members needs, what more could you ask for?

AND their hand manicure saved my hands! I work in health care and the constant washing, and sanitizing left my hands dry damaged and full of hang nails. Instant manicure and extreme hand creme have given me back the soft beautiful hands of my youth!

I have been using because products for 2 years and my skin has never looked better. There MicroDermabrasion is wonderful. For the less than the price of one spa treatment you can get the same quality product to do at home weekly.

Their Regeneration Overnight is something everyone should use...has retinal in it and with all their other products helped to remove a keratosis on my forehead.

At 68 years old I have found the skincare products for me!

Was looking for new skincare since other brands (some were very expensive brands) were no longer working. Went to a spa out of curiosity and loved the products, with a 30 day money back guarantee what did have to lose right? Well I did lose, lots of wrinkles that is. Didn't tell my hubby and after a few days he commented that my skin looked different, that it looked younger and firmer. Was hooked and became a consultant so I could share these amazing products with others.