LimeLight by Alcone


LimeLight's skin care line has practically perfected my skin. I actually WANT to take my make-up off at the end of the day because my skin looks so good. The skin care line is all natural & cruelty free. It even has the Leaping Bunny certification. Their foundation actually matches my skin, which is a first for me. That's what got me hooked. Then I found their amazing mascara & I was sold. Using make-up that professional make-up artists use is amazing. I never knew there was a difference, but there is a stark difference between LimeLight and drugstore make-up. Everything is highly pigmented, so you only need a little bit. One pan of foundation lasted me 7 months, being used every single day. The blushes may actually last forever, because I use so little of it to get a nice look. The company is growing, so new items are being added all the time. Really, LimeLight has been a god-send. I can't imagine not having this in my life.

Limelight by Alcone has the most affordable products with the best results! I am a licensed Esthetician and professional makeup artist with a decade of experience and have found my match! The skincare is all natural and chemical free yet gives results! My skin has never looked better since I started using a year ago and it's very simple and concise for everyday use. The makeup products are hands down incomparable! The botanical foundation is wax based and mineral oil free and has the best coverage I've ever seen with a vet minimal amount. They have the perfect mascara and eyeliner and their ensuring lipsticks last long wearing without drying the lips! This product line is a dream!

Professional Makeup Artists have had a secret for years, until now!

The makeup they us is professional grade and is formulated with a much higher % of pigment that covers everything with less product. It also gives an airbrushed finish that is waterproof and lasts a long time. It was made to stay put under hot lights and changes in the environment.

Consumer grade makeup, on the other hand, is manufactured with minimal pigment. The consumer has to use more product for coverage, which makes them go through it faster. This way, they have to buy it more often, while the company makes more money. Cha-Ching!

Finally though, there is a company offering professional grade makeup to everyone! Hallelujah!

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I love the skin care line by Limelight by Alcone and the feel of it and the foundation on my skin. It is soft to the touch but doesn't feel like your wearing anything. I was having some acne problems with the past products I was wearing and I have never had that problem before in my life and had chalked it up too hormonal age problems but then stopped using the other product and tried the Limelight and with in a couple days my face went back to being acne free and getting soft and taking care of dry spots. I will bel using this for some time. Absolute love everything so far.

Botanical foundation that is 50% pigmented! To the professionals that use this best kept secret...LimeLight by Alcone is already Number One! No petroleum, Parabens or harsh chemicals, this botanical wax based foundation is specifically calibrated to give you a flawless finish while not clogging your pores! You will never wonder where your foundation went. It stays all day and makes you look like the celebrities that use it! I'm so glad it's finally been released to the public so we can all use what the pros use! You may think your foundation is #1, but that's because you haven't tried this foundation yet! If you use this product everyday, it will last you a year!...You don't use a lot because you don't need a lot a little goes a long way! This is the real deal ladies! Treat yourself and get some of this in your hands and on your face! This will change your make up game forever!

I've finally found my forever makeup. The Botanical Foundation goes on so smooth and is flawless on my face like it's my skin. I can wear it light coverage or full coverage. I can do anything with the foundation; highlight and contour, fill in my brows, use as a primer on my eyelids, ANYTHING! The concealers are WATERPROOF and feel like your skin as well. You can do ANYTHING with the concealers as well. The spray face primer is top notch and I'm obsessed with the Ten Years Younger Finishing Spray. My makeup holds up all day, I look fresh and feel amazing. The organic skincare rocks my world. My face has never felt so smooth and has this GLOW it's never had. I just adore this company, the makeup, skincare and it's culture!

LimeLight by Alcone's cosmetics and skin care are outstanding! All professional grade makeup for a fraction of the cost of the other companies! I love that by also offering the full line of natural skin care this company provides the whole package and sets you up to not only wear fantastic makeup but also helps to create flawless skin that serves as a base for all that wonderful! By far the best full line I have ever used. I am excited to be starting my 11 year old daughter out with LimeLight skincare and makeup so that she will grow up knowing what good products do for her skin. : )

The skincare is amazing and the makeup is to die for! The 'perfect eyeliner' was my gateway and the foundation is out of this world. Having really dry and sensitive skin, I have never been able to find a liquid foundation that covered everything because my skin didn't absorb it right. The powder foundations sat on top of my skin and made me itch. Limelight by Alcone had the best coverage by far with their wax base foundation. And the skincare products have definitely helped smooth my skin! The combination of the two makes me feel unstoppable!

I have been looking for a skin care line that was 100% natural, with no harsh chemicals and I found it in LimeLight by Alcone! I love the way my face feels after cleansing and masking! My face is so soft and I love the smell of the skin polish! It smells so fresh and clean. The botanical foundation is out of this world! It is so concentrated, 50% pigmentation which means that it has fantastic coverage and it takes very little. It is a professional grade makeup that the pros and makeup artists use. How cool is that! I could go on and on! All I can say is, "You need to try it for yourself! "

Hands down the best cosmetics on the market today. All the cosmetics are super pigmented giving you the most bang for your buck. The packaging is biodegradable, which is great for our environment. Plus you only replace what you need. You don't have to spend a ton of money replacing an entire palette just because you ran out of one color. The foundation is phenomenal, the best in the industry for over 50 years. Most of the cosmetics are known under other brands but LimeLight brings them all together in one catalog and gives you the opportunity to buy direct from a beauty guide which allows your experience to be personable and tailored directly to you.

Limelight skin care and professional grade makeup has changed my skin 100% for the better! It's cleared up my adult acne, decreased scaring and One Drop Wonder has drastically improved the sun damage on my skin. Forty Cure Cream is keeping my skin hydrated through the midwest winter. The Botanical Cream Foundation doesn't feel or look like you are wearing anything! My skin just looks like the best version of me. The #6 blush is the best shimmer/highlight I've tried. Everyone asks me how I get my skin to glow! All Limelight products!

For the 1st time in my life, I am able to use skincare not only in the evening, but in the MORNING too! The all natural skincare has transformed my skin! The cosmetic line is pro quality with home prices! They are so highly pigmented that just a little goes a LONG way! The Perfect Mascara is the best I've ever used for volume and length without clumps, spiders, or 20-30 min for application! And the price point on that, PERFECT! I was skeptical with the foundation "perfect for any skin type" but it IS! I'm very oily and it doesn't make it worse! In fact, putting a thin layer of One Drop Wonder on under foundation has improved the amount of oil at the end of the day! I'm sold on these products for LIFE!

Undeniably the BEST coverage with LL's botanical foundation, boasting a wowzer 50% pigmentation... a little goes a long way with this stuff peeps! The skincare...well, where do I begin? Leaping Bunny Certified (so no animal testing EVER) there's just something about putting something on your skin that is ALL NATURAL... The blush and eye pigments also super pigmented. LimeLight offers an array of Professional cosmetics, skincare, and tools to give you the best look all around. These products far outweigh the competition, if you haven't tried any of them, I would suggest starting with a great skincare regimen and foundation. Thank you LimeLight for "resetting" the standard of Direct Sales for cosmetics and creating products with the Professional as well as the Average person in mind!

"We are Not a direct selling brand that decided to go into beauty. We are First and foremost, 60 years of expertise in the professional beauty industry. There is a difference." - Michelle Gay, ...more

I absolutely love the 100% all natural skin care from LimeLight. It feels great, smells great and best of all it does a fabulous job. The makeup is amazing. I can't even tell I am wearing foundation but get wonderful coverage. All of the products are a phenomenal price point for professional quality. All of the products in the skin care and makeup line are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free. With LimeLight everyone can enjoy the products professional makeup artists have been using for years.

The Botanical Foundation is AMAZING! Lightweight and so pigmented, it provides great coverage. I love the Enduring Lip Colors, a little goes a long way and it can last up to 8 hrs. I can't get over the skin care, if you love pampering yourself, make sure you get the Skin Polish for sure. Smells like a lemony dessert and makes your skin so soft! You can't go wrong. Thanks LimeLight!

The skin care is the most amazing part of this line! My skin has never felt better, looked better, and glowed this much! I feel confident enough to go without foundation. But when I do want to wear their amazing Botanical foundation, it's so versatile! You can apply it with a wet sponge for a subtle dewy look, or a foundation or stipple brush for more coverage. The perfect mascara does NOT clump like the two step fiber mascaras out there and gives a more natural look and feel. All in all, I cannot say enough great things about Limelight by Alcone!

Limelight's product is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING! The skin care is 100% natural and leaping bunny certified! The face mask smells amazing, after applying it to my face I want to eat the leftovers! ;)
The makeup is incomparable to others! The foundation is to die for at 50% pigmentation, yet it's light weight so it gives the naturally BEAUTIFUL look.
The mascara? It truly is the perfect mascara! Trust me I've tried them all! It gives the perfect length and volume for $14! WHAT!?!?!
Wear what the pros use at an affordable price!

I'm so grateful for finding Limelight by 59 I've finally found a product that works well on older skin without breaking the bank. Within no time at all I started seeing marked improvement. Also the concealer is waterproof and hold's up during my "hot flash" moments! Best I've ever used! The foundation is like you're wearing nothing...not at all heavy. My girls in their 30's were thinking...what the heck is mom up to now! Took me a bit but now they're saying...MOM! I want what you're using! You're skin is beautiful! Thanks Limelight!

Limelight by Alcone is seriously a blessing! I will never use anything else ever again! Professional products, affordable price and is always exactly what I need! The skin care is beyond amazing, my face looks a million times better and it's only been 3 weeks! The redness all over my face and the horrible pimples all disappearing! The foundation is the best I have ever used and the mascara is just AMAZING! Using these products gives me an amazing glow and such a natural feel! Everyone needs some light in their life!

The skincare line is to die for. The cosmetics are amazing. And to have Professional Grade Skincare and cosmetics available at such an incredible price point speaks volumes of a company that has been in the Professional MUA world for over 50 years. Now as a Direct Sales Company and bringing those amazing products into the homes of so many that otherwise would not have access to these products. This company is quickly becoming #1 and taking the Professional Skincare and Cosmetics Direct Sales world by storm!

After using many other brands, I have finally found one that I am truly in Love with! LimeLight by Alcone has professional quality cosmetics and natural skincare that is superb. The foundation looks so natural and feels as though I'm not wearing any makeup. The Perfect Macara is the best I've ever used. It has one tube, and one step to get long and voluminous lashes that look natural and not spider-like. The skincare is out of this world! My skin has never looked better or felt better in my life. I could go on and on about all the products because they are THAT GOOD!

I finally found a skin care system that is safe for me and works! 100% chemical free, safe to use on all skin types, men, women, babies, elderly, everyone! The professional grade makeup is so versatile and the packaging has changed the way I store my makeup for the better! Alcone knows it's products and clients from decades of work in the industry. The price points are affordable and make the average gal feel like a makeup artist. The botanical foundation doesn't make me look like I'm wearing makeup at all. It's the best version of my skin (and me! ) every time I put it on.

If you're looking for quality skincare and makeup, look no further than LimeLight by Alcone. Their products are professional grade and are natural. Your skin will look and feel it's best. Their botanical foundation is 50% pigmented, whereas your normal foundation is 11-21% pigmented. Which means, you will get better coverage and still use less product. Their enduring lip color is so pigmented, is non drying and lasts for hours. And their prices will not break your bank.
LimeLight by Alcone is a MUST try! You will be so glad you did.

Linelight by Alcone makeup and skincare is amazing! The foundation is the absolute best that I have ever put on my face! I will never wear another foundation again! The skincare smells so good and delivers results as it should! One drop wonder is called that for a will be left wondering how that one drop does what it does! Oh, and the perfect mascara...again, is called that for a reason! A one step fiber mascara that does not leave you with clumps or spider looking eyes and isn't a 10 minute process! Professionals use this everyday and I know why! It's that AMAZING!

Limelight by Alcone is taking this Country by Storm! Their Make Up is Natural and Beautiful! They are well established in the Fashion World and have recently expanded to bring their Professional Makeup to people in their homes! Their Makeup Artusts are Pros and their Besuty Guides teach you how to get that "Movie Star/Model" look! And... Their Beauty Guides are not only enjoying fantastic sales but the most rewarding career plan in the Direct Sales Market! They know what they are doing and they take care of their Beauty Guides. Rising Stars in this Company are soaring! And their customers are thrilled with their new best look ever!