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I love Mary Kay products.. The makeup foundation is so light that it feel's like there is nothing on your face. Mary Kay still have my favorite lip stick ever since I started wearing Mary Kay over 20 years ago. I also love the lip gloss that has come out.. Mary Kay has the most amazing Mary Kay also has a 100% money back guaranty for the product return what other company has that policy with there product's? I ended up becoming a Independent Consultant for Mary Kay and I am having a good time.. Love meeting new people and also still looking for new people to try the most amazing product's that Mary Kay has to offer you.. Mary Kay also test's there product's 500,000.00 times to make sure the product is right and has the right effect. Also they travel all around the world to find the right ingredients for there product's. What other company does that.. I think it's only Mary Kay.. That's why Project Runway has been using Mary Kay on there models and now American Country music awards are ...more

My grandma, great grandma. Mom, great aunts, cousin, sister and I was raised on Mary Kay! Since the mid 60's the woman in our family has always been wearing Mary Kay. Our family was so bless that Mrs. Ash started this business and has shared it with the world! 5 Generation of the Shepherd women has been devoted to the Mary Kay company we love every product that Mary Kay has came out with in. This family has totally enjoyed years and years of wearing trying and just being together and to know that we are fully supporting of Mary Kay dream.
My mom and sister both are consultants of a A1 business. that has one of the greatest saying ever God first, family second, career third! God bless each of the Mary Kay families and keep up a business that has support 1000's of families.
I also know that Mary Kay is one of the biggest fundraiser first in domestic violence and in cancer thank you for all that you do and give back to every community around we love you our Mary Kay ...more

There's no contest! For 17 years the best selling skin care and cosmetics brand in the US. A Top 10 world wide skin care brand and Top 15 in colour cosmetics... Mary Kay really is the best out there. Yes, sure people are going to vote for the new products on the market, but in the end people always come back to Mary Kay, because the products are just that good and Mary Kay is a reliable brand with fabulous ethics. Founded by Mary Kay Ash from a position of wanting to Empower Women and help all women in the world achieve the life they dream about. All products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service from their sales force. Mary Kay will always be Number 1 just wait and see!

Mary Kay has something for everyone. Botanical Effects for those with sensitive or allergy skin, Velocity for blemish prone skin, TimeWise for mild aging signs and TimeWise Repair for advanced aging. Plus a men's line and fragrances. Did I mention the body care products and amazing mineral colors. The MK consultants come to you, most with complimentary facials. I love my consultant, she offers discounts, gifts and has product on hand for convenience.

There's no skin care and makeup better than Mary Kay. It's not gimmicky as some brands on here, it's simple, no nonsense skin care & makeup. Before I started using Mary Kay I went to a department store to buy skin care, I was given 8 different products for my morning & evening skin care routine... Mary Kay was a God sent with only 4 products in their amazing Miracle Set and the price was half of what I used to pay for the well known brand as well. Of course I have tried cheaper brands from the supermarket or pharmacy, but none of them do what Mary Kay has done for my skin. Then I started using the makeup. I hated foundation, I got trained to use Mac, I hated it! The stickiness, the sweaty feeling underneath, like you're wearing a mask, yuk! None of that with ANY of the Mary Kay foundations. I use their CC Cream for daily foundation, add a bit of mineral powder when I need extra coverage and liquid foundation for sexual occasions... None of them feel as horrid as any foundation I've ...more

Best skin care & cosmetics in the world! Skin care really clears up skin, keeps it looking younger and does what it says on the packaging, much better than any salon or high street brand. The foundations are second to none, perfect matches to any skin colour and type, great coverage, even the medical organisations dealing with covering up scars and such prefer Mary Kay concealer & foundations in their work. The mascaras are the best on the market, none-smudge, waterproof even the ones that aren't labled waterproof and they look after your lashes, making them stronger & longer. Eyeliners that don't smudge. All make-up stays put all day even without finishing spray or translucent powders or primers. Lipsticks that look after your lips and stay put all day. Lip glosses that last for hours and don't come off with every sip. Not one other brand in the world can deliver such a complete package. Every beautician and every woman in the world should be using Mary Kay!

There is no comparison to the quality and how Timewise Skin Care Products deliver the youthful skin we all desire to keep or regain. Try before you buy and the online facials and party options with your friends is awesome. 100% Product Guarantee and let's not forget the superior quality customer care that includes "you" are pampered with a priority focus that leaves you feeling like a princess! Mary Kay's Charity Foundation includes Millions of dollars donated to help end domestic violence on children and women. Including millions donated for the treatment and cure for breast cancer. I decided to join Mary Kay after years using this amazing products since 1992 and Mary Kay's philosophy is strong with followed through "Faith First, Family Second then Career. Third". Mary Kay Beauty Consultants are a Sisterhood Family of Powerful, Professional, Supportive Women for each other and are driven with Changing Women's Lives. Thank you Mary Kay Ash!

I have worn Mary Kay since I was 18 yrs old
I am now 58 and have to say sadly that I did
Try others but came right back to Mary Kay.
The price and the product can not be beat.
People still can not believe how good my skin
Looks, you would be surprised too if you
Would see my skin. If they did commercials
Would want to be one of those women who
Would want to promote this product. I only
Promote what I truly believe in, and I truly
Believe in this product. Thanks.

Products that really do what they say they will do. Fabulous anti-aging skin care and supplements as-well-as great products for the younger woman!

The business opportunity is unsurpassed!

Can't beat the 100% satisfaction guarantee! You get to try before you buy and once you take the products home if they aren't what you had in mind you can return them for other Mary Kay products or have a full refund.

Mary Kay's product quality is extraordinary and what the company stands for makes it that much easier for me to buy their products. It does not support animal testing, is super green they've planted over 300, 000 trees in the USA and have donated over 50 million dollars to domestic violence shelters and research for women's cancer. I LOVE their lipstick, foundation is flawless every shade and NOT cakey at all! Their skin care is glorious and I'm just in love with Mary Kay.

Awesome products - and a great career! The oil free eye makeup remover and the Miracle set are high selling items for Mary Kary product line. Mary Kay is a a company founded by a woman with the goal to enrich the lives of women. It has done just that --- being a consultant and sharing the product is an excellent opportunity and can be a lucrative as you want it - dependent upon the time and effort you put into working the business. How awesome is that!

The best ever. I have used Mary Kay products for over 20 years and it's the only skin care and make up that leaves my skin better than when I started. With their 100% satisfaction guaranteed I can try new looks with confidence and no risk. Best products on the market and love the personal attention my consultant gives me. The charitable giving Mary Kay gives to both Cancer research and Domestic Violence makes Mary Kay the company built by women for women.
Hands down the best company.

I love Mary kay products bec. There is specific formula for every type of the skin like I am oily skin therefore my beauty consultant recommend matte foundation and it is my skin becomes glowing and natural, and also I bought one for my mother and she use timewise luminous liquid foundation for dry skin... We thank to mary kay products I have acne problems and it didn't contribute any pimples or irritations it is real non comedogenic and hypoallergenic also...

I have been with Mary Kay for over 22 years. I have loyal clients who have been with me the whole time. I love that we are ahead of the game and other Companies rush to catch up with us! I love that we have made more Women Millionaires in the USA and around the world because of the Opportunity MK offers to change lives. I love that the Company spends Millions each year in Research, Testing and Development continuing to keep our product Line at the top of the Charts! And that they stand 100% behind the product, not just for 15-30 days, but any time as long as you purchase the product from a legit MK Consultant and not from Auction, trade internets and garage sales. Mary Kay is a product line that the consultants teach you the correct way to use it and the correct product for you. And we believe in the Golden Rule, we do not try to go out and take from another consultant. We support each other and our businesses. And our Foundations, WOW. Not only do we raise money to support cancer ...more

Mary Kay's skincare line is the only skincare I have used for 25 years now. I can honestly say I look younger than both my sisters who are younger than me and use more expensive products for their skincare. I love that my consultant always has what I need, delivers right to my front door, and will show me all the new and exciting products a couple of times a year that she knows I will love. So much better than going to a make-up counter in a department store with personalized service. Love my Mary Kay!

I have only been using Mary Kay products for a while now and I have to say that I really really like it. My skin breaks out very easy and I have had no problem at all with this line. I use almost all their products and LOVE THEM EVERY ONE and the one other good thing about Mary Kay is it wont break the bank. There products are very inexpensive and there very good

I am in love with Mary Kay products. The skin care is absolutely amazing and it leaves my skin looking young and very smooth. My skin is healthy looking. I will only use Mary Kay skin care and makeup. The foundation is awesome and lasts all day. If you have oily skin like I did, Mary Kay can help you with that no doubt. I love that Mary Kay charitable foundation gives millions to help end domestic violence against women and children and also gives to cancer research. Not only are the products amazing but the company it self and the consultants as well. The consultants are always willing to help and are always so kind. Love it!

Mary Kay what an Awesome Woman and what an awesome product. I had lost my consultant and just found one again and I am 74 years young. I have been using the product for about two and a half month now and everyone thing I have had a face lift. Yes I use the Repair set and am in total awe of it. Ladies if you get a chance and a consultant calls you, book a party for you and three guests. You will get to see it use and see how well it works on all of your friends. Thanks, No I am not a consultant.

I love my Mary Kay... it has changed my life after 52 years of not taking care of my skin.. It has changed the texture and appearance of my skin.. The makeup is absolutely fantastic, this comes from someone who has tried many cosmetics on and off my whole life. It stays on all day does not smear or smudge. Fantastic products and the company supports programs that help women in domestic violence situations and research for women's cancers. I love that they also offer so many benefits for anyone looking for an opportunity to join their company as an Independent Beauty Consultant which could also include winning the use of cars and so many diamonds and more..

I've used Mary Kay for 35 years, and I update with their newest products for age fighting. My skin looks and feels awesome. I have tried other brands to compare and nothing makes my skin look and feel soft and young like Mary Kay. I'm 72 and no one believes I am that old, they always say somewhere between 56 and 62! Mary Kay's newest skin care... TIMEWISE REPAIR really works and easy to use, the best for age fighting too!

I sincerely believe Mary Kay skin care is number one because of the variety of products it offers for all skin types, the research and testing (and not on animals) their scientists are constantly conducting and improving the products, and the simple fact all products are 100% guarantee, who else does that? Mary Kay has made me look great for the the last ten years and I will always use their products.

MARY KAY products are world class Cosmetics at affordable prices. Designed for super sensitive skins, they are quick and easy to use (even for us lazy ones! ) and they deliver outstanding results! The Consultants are experts delivering 5 star service bespoke to all your needs. Also take a look at the working opportunities with the brand. Great company values and there is a clear reason why Harvard University studies their business plan. It's the best one out there and more importantly it works! Hence their long established Stellar reputation! Winner!

I've been using Mary Kay products for the past 5 years and honestly, I couldn't go without the skin care regiment for more than 24 hrs. The products are just simply the best in the market and I recommend it for everyone with skin: teen, young adults, middle aged, and seniors. There are different varieties to please everyone!

The way Mary Kay skin care products make my skin feel is AMAZING! The first time I tried the Miracle Set, I was in love with the product. To top it off, I began using the Mineral Powder Foundation, and the results are unbelievable! Awesome coverage, better than what I was getting from my store bought brand liquid foundation.

I tried all the brands you could think of! I even went to a dermatologist & they said Dtay away from Mary Kay! Well I had very damaging acne inflamed skin with Whelps! I had deep scarring! Now over the past 30 years I tried Mary Kay & it didn't help or I didn't line the consistency of the makeup. I tried it 4 different times & to no avail, it wasn't working! Then I was about to quit. When a friend of mine started selling it & she took me to her director. I was on the wrong formula! Then I started clearing up! This was also during hormonal changes after having 2 children. That was 17 years ago! My deep scaring has gone away! You would never know I had cystic acne! My self/esteem soared! Thank you Mary Kay! Now my son & daughter both use it as well. I became a beauty consultant due to receiving products at cost!